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Great Innovations A Part of Epiphone History

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The timeless appeal of a rock star can be attributed in large part to their instrument-playing talents. The guitar-playing musicians  hold a special place in music lovers’ hearts and minds. A lot of kids aspiring to be musicians would want to own an acoustic guitar, easily one of the most favorite instrument among music lovers. Guitars are also very fun to… Read more »

Build Your Own Guitar

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  Are you a music lover looking for a DIY project to spend time on? If you’re into guitars, you might want to look to build your own guitar kit. Wouldn’t it be great to have a guitar kit that allows you to customize your guitar in any way you like? It’s a fun and worthwhile project to complete. A little bit… Read more »

Soundtrack of Our Lives

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hard rock cafe Philadelphia

Does music play a big part in your life? I listen a lot to music on the radio, TV and the internet. Now, especially on the internet, it’s easy to learn about new artists and their music. Youtube is a great platform to let the whole world know about new music. But do you find yourself playing the same songs… Read more »