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Looking for Guitars For Beginners

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How do you decide what to buy when looking for guitars for beginners? It’s a pretty straightforward process, really. You go through the same process as when buying anything you consider important. First, ask yourself this: What’s your budget for buying a new guitar? As a newbie, it would be wise to keep a low budget. But make sure you… Read more »

Build Your Own Guitar

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  Are you a music lover looking for a DIY project to spend time on? If you’re into guitars, you might want to look to build your own guitar kit. Wouldn’t it be great to have a guitar kit that allows you to customize your guitar in any way you like? It’s a fun and worthwhile project to complete. A little bit… Read more »

Soundtrack of Our Lives

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Does music play a big part in your life? I listen a lot to music on the radio, TV and the internet. Now, especially on the internet, it’s easy to learn about new artists and their music. Youtube is a great platform to let the whole world know about new music. But do you find yourself playing the same songs… Read more »