Benefits of Using Digital Microscopes

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Isn’t it great that technological advances have made many tasks much easier?

We know that microscopes are used in hospital laboratories to identify the cause of infections. They are also used to diagnose diseases so doctors can prescribe the proper medicine. Medical schools and pharmaceutical companies use microscopes for their research.

While a traditional optical microscope has an eyepiece to view an object under observation, a digital microscope that’s being widely used today has a built-in digital camera instead. Digital microscopes are connected to a computer monitor where you can view the magnified image. Through computer software, the images can be stored on a hard drive. Those images can then be shared, stored, and analyzed on various digital platforms. Computer software can have features that adjust images, record and edit video, analyze 3D samples, make measurements, create reports, and many more.

For a traditional microscope, the magnification is determined by multiplying the lens magnification by the eyepiece magnification. On the other hand, the magnification of a digital microscope is determined by how many times larger the object is reproduced on the monitor. This means that the magnification depends on the monitor size.

Benefits of Using Digital Inspection Microscopes:

  • more convenient to use too since you’re not looking into a small optical eyepiece 
  • provides higher magnification resulting in higher quality images 
  • image can be stored on a computer hard drive 
  • easier collaboration with co-workers 

Professional digital microscopes are equipped with many observation methods and measurement functions. That’s why they’re are indispensable tools used in many industries, including medical and scientific research, education, forensics, industrial manufacturing, and many more. Many types of inspection microscopes can be found online at Microscope International.

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