Happiness is the Secret to Beautiful Skin

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Proactiv happiness beautiful skin

If you think you look old and tired, think about the life you’re leading.

Is your life stressful? Do you have a lot of problems? Do you frown too much? That would cause facial lines and wrinkles. 

Smile! It’s easier to smile than to frown. You only need 17 muscles to smile, while it takes a good 43 muscles to frown. 

Why don’t you start your day with a smile to invite positive vibes the whole day? See the beauty in ordinary, little things, and your day will feel light.

Of course, not everyday is all roses and sunshine. Some days when every little thing goes wrong, you feel you have nothing to smile about. Don’t give in to negativity. While things may not look good, maybe there’s a lesson for you somewhere.

Look at the bright side! Take a deep breath and see how you can turn things around.

Smile! So that your face brightens and you give off that friendly vibe that spreads good cheer to everyone you encounter.

That Happy Feeling

Where does our happy feeling come from? It is caused by the release of neurotransmitters like endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. Every time we receive good news or we feel excited our brain releases these happy hormones into the nervous system, triggering infectious giggles and laughter. 

You get that happy feeling when:

You achieve you goal – Doesn’t it feel great when you finish a task or accomplish a goal? That wonderful feeling is known as a dopamine hit. Set realistic goals or by simply find ways to love your work. 

You exercise regularly – Regular exercise produces a healthy amount of serotonin, which is a natural anti-depressant. A 10-minute brisk walk, or 30-minute hiphop exercise can do wonders for you. 

You have healthy skin – You know, a happy disposition brings out a youthful glow in you. Did you know that positive emotions promote skin renewal because it keeps the hormones in check? 

Think about how pimples immediately show up when you’re unhappy or stressed out. Aside from negative emotions, other factors that can cause pimples include poor diet, genetics and exposure to dirt and pollution. 

Healthy Skin in 3 Simple Steps

Proactiv 3 Step System

Having healthy skin and maintaining it can be done easily in three simple steps. 

Treat skin problems such as pimples, blemishes and breakouts with the Proactiv+ 3-Step Clear Skin System. It uses the Smart Target technology to deliver anti-acne formulation directly to the pores. 

Here’s the The Proactiv+ 3-step Clear System:

Step 1: Skin Smoothing Exfoliator. After washing with a facial cleanser to remove dirt, oil and other impurities, apply the exfoliator on damp skin. Give the face a two-minute massage before completely rinsing with warm water. 

Step 2: Pore Targeting Treatment. This stops the acne at the source. The blemish- fighting solution is directly applied on the pores by spreading it evenly all over cheeks, forehead nose and chin. Leave on face until full absorption. 

Step 3: Complexion Perfect Hydrator. This repairs the skin. The moisturizer heals redness, helps diminish awkward acne marks and brightens skin. Apply on face until full absorption. Reapply during the day as needed. Don’t forget to put sunscreen if you need to go outdoors. 

The Proactiv+ 3 Step Skin System is available at Watsons and SM Department stores nationwide.

The 30- day kit is sold at Php 3,250.00 and includes the Skin Smoothing Exfoliator 60 ml, Pore Targeting Treatment 30ml and the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator 30 ml while the 60-day kit is sold at Php 4,680.00 and includes Skin Smoothing Exfoliator 120 ml, Pore Targeting Treatment 60ml, and Complexion Perfecting Hydrator 60 ml. 

Visit watsons.com.ph and start your Proactiv+ 3-step Clear Skin System.

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