FirstGear Apparel Buying Guide

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motorbike on snow

While it’s fun to make your way through the muck in the cold and rain, you’ve got to make sure you’re wearing the right equipment. FirstGear provides a way for hardcore bikers to slam through the snow without getting their feet wet. From simple gloves to full-body coverage, here are the must-haves for winter warriors.

Joyride Jacket

When it comes to staying warm, the best option is a coat that gives you the freedom of movement necessary to take to the trails. Motorcycle apparel like the Mesh-Tex Motorcycle Jacket is lightweight but durable enough to keep you warm, dry and safe even if you take a tumble.

It’s even more difficult is making sure you’re comfortable under layers of warming protection. FirstGear’s Kathmandu Motorcycle Jacket does just that with a removable liner, underarm vents and even a hydration pouch to keep you from eating snow.

Fantastic Footwear

Nothing is worse than riding in the rain and having your feet slip out from under you. Pull on a pair of FirstGear Kili Hi Boots with all leather uppers and advanced waterproofing, and your toes will grip like never before.

If you’re more worried about frozen toes, try out their Heated Socks, an excellent alternative to cramming six layers of sock into a too-small boot. Heated feet with no wires to get in the way means you stay on the trails long after your buddies have called it quits.

Golden Gloves and Hoods

It’s impossible to steer if you can’t hold the handlebars, and thanks to FirstGear’s line of Explore gloves you’ll keep a tight grip on the accelerator. Waterproof and insulated, these gauntlet gloves make cold weather riding a breeze.

However, sometimes you just don’t want to feel the wind on your face. Thankfully, their full-coverage balaclava is budget priced to give cheap motorcycle clothing and accessories a run for their money.

When you’re shopping for all-weather accessories that will keep you on the trails when the weather turns sour, look no further than FirstGear. They’ve got the apparel that keeps you warm, dry, and most importantly, in style!

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