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Let us take a look at a woman biker’s wardrobe. Depending on the individual’s style and preference, a woman biker’s attire could range from the practical waterproof apparel to the latest feminine biker’s outfit. Very likely, you will find a denim jacket or a good quality leather jacket with zips and buckles added to it. The common colours for motorcycle jackets are usually grey, dark green, blue or silver

Among the motorcycle riding equipment, you may also find a pair of great looking leather pants to match with the leather jacket. It will not be complete without a pair of caged heels or a pair of striking ankle or calf high riding boots. These boots come in all sorts of styles and colours and they are both comfortable and lasting.

Wearing proper motorcycle gear protects the bikers during a fall or a crash; from the first impact with the road to the subsequent effects of sliding along its surface. Both motorcycle jackets for women and men are now equipped with armour for extra protection. The motorcycle pants are also armoured and the pants should fit better when seated then when standing up.

When choosing and buying motorcycle helmets for women and men, do not allow your budget to influence your choice of purchase. Don’t go for cheaper products because you may compromise on the quality and safety features. Check out the good quality items and search for cheaper options with the same quality. Visit various motorcycle gear websites to compare the prices of the same products.

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There are not many places selling women biker’s apparel! Most stores have very limited selection of sizes, shapes, and features for women’s apparel. is one online stores offering a wide selection of women’s motorcycle riding apparel and motorcycle helmets for women. Jackets without protective features are softer, lighter, and look better on women than most protective motorcycle jackets. We all love to wear casual, lightweight leather jacket when riding. But we all know that protecting ourselves is more important than just feeling comfortable in casual wear. Accidents happen without warning and accidents can be fatal.

It is important to remember and to accept that motorcycle apparel and safety gear designed with real protection will not feel, look, or be as comfortable as our casual clothing. There are also many protective gear that are stylish but certain protective features may be forfeited. Always put your own safety first and buy good quality motorcycle safety apparel and gear.

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