Rainy Camaya Coast Adventure

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Camaya Coast

A leisure resort located in Mariveles, Bataan, Camaya Coast could be the perfect summer getaway.

Except that, when our group went there for a day trip in May, what we expected to be a sunny adventure turned out to be a day trip ruined by heavy rains.

Definitely not the summer outing we envisioned. But we had a good time even for a brief period.

We were a big group of friends and family with adults, young adults, kids and even a baby. 

Day tour guests stay in an outdoor area with benches and long tables. But that’s good only if it’s a sunny day. As it happened, it was a rainy afternoon when we went there and our things got all wet. Because there’s no place to put them to protect them from the rains. We had to dash to our car, in the heavy rain, to secure our things. This caused another problem since the parking area is far.

Day tour price includes bland lunch. Food bought from outside the resort is not permitted, but bottled water can be brought in. There are some restaurants and coffee shops in the resort like Max’s, Pancake House and Figaro, but food in these places are expensive.

Nice enough beach and swimming pools. Clean place. They have inflatable slides here, but since it was still the summer season, the wait lines were long. Several lifeguards on duty. And since we were only on a day trip, we didn’t check out the hotel rooms. 

Nothing really spectacular here. But it’s great to travel to a place you’ve never been to, and have the chance to marvel at the simple beauty of nature. 

Camaya Coast is a nice enough place, but not recommended if you’re on a tight budget, or visiting during the rainy season.

Maybe an overnight stay should be considered, with more time to enjoy all the hotel and resort amenities.

Visit the Camaya Coast website for more information. Or call Ronel Briones at 09566338286 for assistance.



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