Holiday Delivery Solutions by Transportify

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It’s the first week of December and the Christmas holiday rush has begun. It’s the season to be jolly, alright, but not when you’re caught in a traffic jam everywhere you go in the city.


With this scenario being the norm every holiday season, how do we deal with logistics problems arising from Metro Manila’s chaotic transport situation? Knowing that there’s higher demand for products during this season, how do businesses complete their deliveries on time?

Fortunately, a few logistics providers can be trusted to help move things around the metro.

Introducing Transportify

Transportify now gives the market a cheaper and more efficient alternative for their on-demand logistics needs.  


A mobile and web application that connects customers with qualified independent contractors (driver partners), Transportify is the ideal logistics solution for delivering anything within Metro Manila and even surrounding areas. Think Uber for deliveries. With a pool of over 1,500 driver-partners in less than 5 months of operations in the Philippines, Transportify has the network and capacity to address on-demand logistics not only during holidays but all year round.

Delivery Costs

For multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs), customers only need to pay P250 for the first 3 kilometers and P20 for every km thereafter. If you need a bigger vehicle, they also have L300s that start at P600 for the first 3 kms and P30 for every km thereafter.

For Your On-Demand Logistics Needs

Transportify’s Head of Business Program, Noel Abelardo, said:

“We want to help move things faster and more efficiently in Metro Manila this holiday season. Transportify will help business customers and even individuals manage their logistics needs so they can focus on things that really matter to them. Our value proposition for on-demand logistics needs is better than what is available in the market.”

With Transportify, you don’t need to worry anymore about your holiday deliveries. The company will cater to your special needs efficiently and on time. Let Transportify deliver your corporate giveaways, event and promotional materials, and office raffle prizes from huge appliances to small tokens for your employees. They can also deliver your gifts for your loved ones!

Company Background

Founded by Inspire Ventures and Ardent Capital, Deliveree (known in the Philippines as Transportify) is a mobile and web app that allows you to book and manage pickups and deliveries of almost anything. The service is currently available in select metro areas across Southeast Asia. Its marketplace connects businesses and individuals with qualified drivers and their vehicles to provide affordable and trustworthy service according to the company’s strict quality standards. Presently they are serving the Bangkok, Jakarta, and Manila markets with more locations coming soon.

Download now!

Download the Transportify app on Apple Store for iOS devices, and on Google Play Store for Android devices. Book now for your immediate and scheduled delivery needs.

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