VApreneur Workshop: Sharing The Benefits of Work-from-Home Lifestyle

Vapreneur Workshop - Rochefel Rivera

A few months ago, Rochefel Rivera of Professional VAs Academy invited me and three others to help organize a workshop for Virtual Assistants. It was easy to say yes, knowing that through the VApreneur Workshop we’ll be helping people realize the benefits of working from home as a Virtual Assistant.

The VApreneur Workshop Participants

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The Vapreneur Workshop held on October 22nd at the Bluefin Grill in Metrowalk Ortigas attracted a mix of  attendees. They came from different parts of Metro Manila, and some even beyond. Many had full-time jobs. Some had regular 9-5 work, while others were in BPO shifting schedules. Some  were freelancers. Not a few voiced their frustrations about their jobs and their pay, and shared their wish to have more time to spend with family.

What the participants had in common was a curiosity about the freelancing world, a world where many of them have not tried stepping into. As part of the organizing team, I was happy to note that the attendees were eager to listen and learn. 

Getting Started As A Virtual Assistant

Majority of the questions fielded throughout the day-long workshop came from those who were not familiar with the VA industry. They want to know how to get started as a Virtual Assistant  and where to get information. VA coach and workshop facilitator Roche Rivera adequately answered the participants’ concerns.

To those who were not present during the workshop, the first step in getting started as a VA is making an assessment of you personal strengths and weaknesses. This helps you to identify your niche or work specialty, and helps you focus your learning efforts.

Learning Opportunities

Next step is the learning process. 

If you want to learn more about working from home as a VA or VApreneur, join the Professional VAs Facebook group. It’s a community of friendly VAs and aspiring VAs supporting and learning from each other. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions.

You can definitely learn on your own if you’re more comfortable with that. But having a mentor or having the support of an online community that understands your work makes things easier. Especially when you’re just starting.

What’s In Store For Freelancers and Virtual Assistants

Aside from the possibility of earning double or triple their present incomes, what got the participants  excited was the possibility of doing work that they love. As a freelancer or Virtual Assistant, work opportunities are not confined in the Philippines. Do you even have an idea on the different types and number of work opportunities worldwide? 

For me, the most important thing is working on your own terms, in your own preferred time. This gives you more time to do whatever you like. More time for family, friends, or for your own personal fulfillment.

Also, here’s the chance to be your own boss. You work for yourself. You have clients, not bosses. Plus you have the option of hiring other freelancers. Here’s when you become a VApreneur!  You then operate as a business, work with more clients, generate employment and earn more income. 

Taking Advantage of Opportunities

Luckily for us, Filipinos are very much in demand in the worldwide freelance economy.  And it’s not just in Upwork, Freelancer or where you can find online work or VA work. Make meaningful online connections and see these work opportunities regularly pop up. It’s time for us to grab these opportunities. 

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Special Thanks to Workshop Participants and Sponsors 

Thank you to all Vapreneur Workshop participants for spending the day with us. Also to our workshop sponsors Payoneer Philippines, Awe-mazing Photography, Vansol Travel and Tours, The Happy Organics, and media partner When In Manila for supporting us in this project. 

VApreneur Workshops Coming Soon

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Missed the VApreneur workshop last month? Don’t worry, the VApreneur team is planning to hold these workshops in the provinces, and also again in Metro Manila, in 2017. Do let us know if you’re interested so we can include your province in our list. Join us in the Professional VAs group on Facebook to get updates.

Workshop photos by Awe-mazing Photography

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