Piano Music To Relax The Mind and Body

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After a long, tiring work week, what do you do to de-stress?

Have a drink with friends? Go to the gym? Plop in the sofa at home and do a TV marathon?  Sleep?

Since I work at home anyway, what I do after working is read more stuff online or a read a book or magazine. But much as I love reading, my eyes get tired and I get a headache when I read non-stop.  

What I found to be relaxing is listening to music. Music has this calming effect. I think listening to instrumental music is even a form of meditation.

At times, I would listen to slow piano music because it gives off this soothing vibe. My breathing slows down and my mind settles in a calm bubble. I don’t doze off to sleep just yet, but I try to luxuriate in this quiet space.

I grew up in a household that listened to radio music almost all day long. Unfortunately, having a piano at home was out of the question since we lived in a cramped apartment. Anyway, no one in the family was so musically-inclined as to want to own a piano. So seeing different piano types in music stores didn’t stir a strong desire to buy one. 

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s when rock music ruled, I looked up the guitar gods and the likes of Billy Joel and Elton John, rock icons who commanded every stage that they graced.

But yeah, it’s true that you mellow a bit as you age. Although I miss the intensity of the glorious rock era, nowadays I thank the Lord for technology that has enabled me to rediscover the joys of listening to instrumental music. I searched “piano music” on Spotify one stressful day and  got acquainted with The Piano Guys. They’re my go to piano music ever since.

So if you’re thinking of a way to relax and take your mind off whatever worries, why not try listening to piano music and let your mind bliss out with its glorious tunes.



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