Book Review of Justin Trudeau: The Natural Heir

Justin Trudeau

Before he was thrust in the worldwide stage when he was elected as the newest Prime Minister of Canada last year, not much was known about Justin Trudeau outside his country, other than being the son of the late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

This book by journalist Huguette Young, “Justin Trudeau: The Natural Heir” traces the journey of the son as he inevitably follows in the footsteps of his father, all the way to the highest office of the land.

In Pierre Trudeau’s Shadow

Much is said in the book about Pierre Trudeau’s stature as an intellectual heavyweight and a formidable politician. And how Justin, not having distinguished himself early on in school and elsewhere, was viewed just as a celebrity and an intellectual lightweight. And as such, political observers largely dismissed his chances of winning in the political arena. This is the story of how Justin Trudeau struggled against preconceived notions about him and how he became the savior that would lead his party back to its former glory.

Rise To the Top

The book chronicles the public as well as behind-the-scenes maneuverings in Canada’s local and national political landscape. It is set amidst the backdrop of a recession that led to the people’s disenchantment of its current leaders. This scenario led to Justin Trudeau’s rise to the leadership of the Liberal Party.

We see here the parliamentary system at work, which is unfamiliar to most casual observers of US politics.

While I appreciate the look on the inner workings of the Canadian parliamentary system, I had expected a deeper dive into the personal (private) life, thoughts, hopes and dreams of Justin Trudeau, other than what has already been mentioned in media. The author did say that her subject did not want to be interviewed for the book. Perhaps interviews with close family and friends could have provided deeper insight.

(Advance copy of the book provided by NetGalley in exchange for a review.)


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