Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation

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The 35th NDPR or National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week is set to be launched on July 17, 2016. This is a weeklong celebration which will conclude on July 23, 2016.  The National Council on Disability Affairs and the Department of Social Welfare and Development will spearhead the celebration.

The said event was declared through the

Administrative Order 35 and Proclamation No. 361 made it possible for this event to exist. Its goal is to entice all non-government and government organizations to promote as well as carry out relevant activities for PWDs or persons with disabilities during this weeklong celebration.

A Weeklong Celebration for PWDs

With the theme ‘Building an Inclusive and Non-Handicapping Environment for PWDs or Persons with Disabilities,’ the celebration aims to promote the concepts and principles of inclusive development for persons with disabilities. The theme advocates the mainstreaming of disability programs to all non-government and government organizations as well as the civil society and the general public.

There are several activities lined up for the weeklong celebration in different locations all over the country.

Some activities prepared for the said celebration includes the launching of the priority lanes for persons with disabilities, trade fair, sculpture and poster making contest, wheelchair art parade, and artwork and product exhibit. Various forums will be held including a forum on ensuring the rights of a PWD, access to justice of a PWD, and training and employment of a PWD.

Closing the weeklong celebration will be a thanksgiving mass and a sensitivity disability campaign.

PWDs and the Society in General

Persons with disabilities represent the group of people in society that is often ignored and ridiculed.

Sociologists have constructed a framework that helps explain the social being of this group of people from the perspective of an outsider. The framework allows an individual to see things the way this group of people does.

The society has defined disability as a phenomenon that results in social consequences for affected individuals and has a significant impact on their daily activities and the general public.

Positive and Negative Effects of Society Stereotyping

Labeling and stereotyping of persons with disabilities are common in many societies today, including the Philippines.

The positive effects of being labeled as a PWD or person with disability is that there are certain benefits provided for them like monetary discounts and convenience privileges.

On the other hand, this also has a negative impact as there is a great risk for discrimination or denial of privileges from capitalistic enterprises in the fear that there will be reduced return of investments due to discounted payments of persons with disabilities.

The Aim of the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week

Despite these effects, however, the Philippine government is urging the Filipino community to become more aware and reduce discrimination of Filipino PWDs.

With the launch of the 35th National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week, the government aims for PWDs to be recognized and not discriminated in the Filipino society. Instead, persons with disabilities should be included in activities that promote their development.

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