Project Jeremiah: An Afternoon with the Girls of the Jeremiah Foundation

The single-story house stands in a corner lot in one of the big subdivisions in Pasig City. From afar, it looks like an ordinary home of an average Filipino family. Up close, you see the sign outside hanging on its gate.

Project Jeremiah
The signage shows the partnerships of the non-government organization (NGO) occupying the place, the Jeremiah 33 Foundation, a shelter that takes care of the needs of abused girls.

One of the Virtual Assistants groups that I belong to, ProVAs and Friends, had a belated Christmas gift-giving activity called Project Jeremiah for the girls of the foundation on January 18th.

When our group of VAs and friends arrived that afternoon, the girls were having tutoring sessions with a volunteer teacher. Their “classroom” is a couple of tables and some chairs in the garage area.

A young woman who was one of those in charge of the home welcomed us and toured us inside their home. The girls introduced themselves, and we visitors did the same. We all shared a simple merienda of pancit.
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A Gift of Learning

Along with our gift of assorted grocery items, we also gave a gift of learning for these kids. Volunteer art teacher for that afternoon was Vic, who taught the girls lettering arts. The girls were very keen to learn this, knowing that it has many practical uses. They patiently waited for Vic to finish demonstrating all the letters of the alphabet so that they can have something to copy.

project jeremiah project jeremiahThey can use this new skill that they just learned to make their handmade greeting cards even more beautiful.


A collage of the greeting cards specially made by the girls using paper quilling art. They’re selling these cards (blank inside) for Php100 for a set of 3 cards with individual envelopes.

project jeremiah
To show their appreciation, the girls performed a lively dance number for us.

project jeremiahIt was comforting to see the girls enjoy these carefree moments together, sharing stories, music, dance, and laughter. Their happy faces masking the deep hurt that they’ve experienced in their young lives. It’s comforting to know that the people behind Jeremiah Foundation are watching over them.

Project Jeremiah Continues

To continue its mission “To provide a nurturing home environment… to meet their basic, secondary and formation-transformation needs,” the foundation needs outside support, financial and otherwise. With this in mind, our group, ProVAs and Friends is making Project Jeremiah an ongoing project, to raise funds for the educational and everyday needs of the girls.

Right now, we’re asking for donations to be able to buy a projector to be used in their multi-grade classes. The girls are home-schooled, and the foundation lacks volunteer teachers who can teach on-site. Perhaps they can supplement the classroom sessions with online classes. And that’s where the projector can be useful.

How You Can Help

We’re asking for your support for this project, to spread the word and/or donate to the cause. The funds will enable the Jeremiah Foundation to continue to be a haven for abused girls, not just sheltering them physically but also providing them with the opportunity to heal and grow into independent young women.

Let’s all contribute in our own small little ways to help ensure a brighter future for these beautiful children.

Be Informed

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To know more about Project Jeremiah, visit the Facebook page of ProVAs and Friends Foundation:


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Thank you very much for your support.

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      Yeah, there are people who care for the girls. But there’s still a lot to be done for them, and others like them who are not part of the foundation. Sharing about their situation would be a great help. Thanks.


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