Join the KACHINK! Wealth Conference: How to Retire Before the Age of 50


Why is it that we were never taught in school about money management when it’s one skill that we need all our lives?

  • We don’t have any savings, yet we won’t hesitate to buy the latest model iPhones and charge it to our credit card.
  • We have to splurge on our daughter’s debut party in a hotel; never mind if we have to borrow money from a few friends and relatives to make it happen.
  • We keep refusing to meet with a financial planner who would teach us the value of an insurance plan or a health plan, but we won’t think twice about buying a Php5,000 ticket or two to a foreign pop star’s concert.
  • We work hard for years on a foreign land to be able to afford a good home and education for our children, but fall short because we first bought cars, TVs, computers, cellphones, clothing and accessories.
  • Many of us struggle with money and debt issues even if we have a steady job, or even if we have a good-paying job abroad.

Money remains a sensitive subject to be discussed even among family or close friends. Is it too late for us to learn how to handle our money properly? Is it too late to dream of achieving financial freedom? Is it really possible to retire at or before the age of 50? Don’t we all want a life where money is the least of our problems?

So who do we turn to for help in teaching us about money matters?

Learn the answers to all that and how to create, handle, grow and protect your wealth by joining Chinkee Tan’s KA-CHINK! WEALTH CONFERENCE: HOW TO RETIRE BEFORE THE AGE OF 50 on June 20, 2015 at the Metro Tent Metrowalk in Meralco Avenue in Pasig City. Tickets are available in Gold – Php800, Silver – Php600, and Bronze – Php400.

Chinkee Tan is a TV personality as well as a life and wealth coach whose mission is to empower Filipinos to achieve financial freedom.

Now that someone’s here to help you achieve financial freedom, will you accept his help?

If you answer YES, fill out the form below and wait for further instructions by email on how to reserve your slot and pay for the KACHINK! WEALTH CONFERENCE: HOW TO RETIRE BEFORE THE AGE OF 50.

And for ordering the conference tickets from this site, you will receive this exclusive freebie: an ebook containing inspiring quotations that will encourage you to achieve financial freedom – INSPIRATIONS AND MOTIVATIONS ON THE ROAD TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM. This free ebook will be available by May, and will be sent to you by email.

CHINK+ MONEY KIT by Chinkee Tan

If you want to receive the give-away being offered on this blog, just fill out this form to reserve (DO THIS FIRST). You will receive an opt-in confirmation email to ensure you are not being added without your consent. Once you confirm, you will get an email that has the links to purchase Chinkee Tan’s books, money kit and training programs.

Reserve now and have peace of mind that you’ll soon be on your way to achieve financial freedom!

Alternatively, if you’re not available to attend KACHINK! WEALTH CONFERENCE in June, you can order Chinkee Tan’s Money Kit system to learn about budgeting, saving and investing. Or, if you’re attending and you want a head start in learning about personal finance, you may also order this valuable Money Kit.

And if you have friends and relatives who are clueless about personal finance, and could use some practical tips on money matters, would you do them a big favor and forward this invitation to them?

Disclosure: I am an accredited online lead generator for Chinkee Tan’s books and training programs.


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