Book Review: Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen

LikeableSOcial Media by Dave Kerpen

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I’ve been reading books on social media the past few months, and I got the chance to read this book courtesy of I’ve already read some good ones, but I thought it’s good to get another point of view. I think this is the best book on social media that I’ve read so far. I never heard of Dave Kerpen before, but after reading this book, I’ve been following him on social media sites, to learn from his insights not only on social media but also on business in general.

It’s not enough for a business to have a social media presence. It has to be a likeable social media presence. And Dave Kerpen teaches businesses how to do that in this book Likeable Social Media, revised and expanded edition. Focusing mainly on Facebook and Twitter but also touching on other social media channels like Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest, the book is peppered with stories and case studies of the correct and incorrect ways of using social media by big and small businesses alike.

This is a revised and expanded version of the original that first came out in 2011. Not even five years after and here’s a revised edition. With the rapid changes in technology, I won’t be surprised if Dave would be updating the book every  four to five years.

There are a lot of gems from Dave here. Best advice for marketers is “The Golden Rule: Put on your consumer hat and do unto others, as a marketer, as you would want done unto you as a consumer.”

What I like best about the book is that each chapter ends with actionable steps that businesses can implement to engage customers and create awareness for their brands and products.

If you want to learn about Social Media, you won’t go wrong with this easy to read, practical book, Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen. 

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