How To Secure Your Financial Future with Chinkee Tan’s Money Kit

A lot of us dream of financial prosperity to be able to help our family or to afford a few luxuries once in a while.

Difficult Financial Situations

Carissa is in her twenties, single. She works as a customer service representative for a leading call center in the city. Her parents and siblings live in the province. Her family is poor, and Carissa helps pay for her brother’s and sister’s education. Her income isn’t enough to cover school expenses as well as her own personal expenses, which includes rent for a one-bedroom apartment, and buying the latest model of her cellphone brand. So she’s had to borrow money from friends and co-workers from time to time.

Lina is in her early thirties, married, with with two young kids. She’s a nurse in Saudi. She longs to be with her family for good, but she knows she has to work more years abroad to be able to pay off the family house and lot, and secure her kids’ education.

Marco is in his late thirties, married, with children ages 10, 12 and 16. He’s a manager in a large manufacturing firm where his wife Marla also works. The couple wants only the best for their children, so they lavish the young ones with expensive clothes and toys, extravagant parties and frequent local and foreign vacations. Some of these are financed by credit card debt.

These are familiar scenarios to us. Everyone knows someone with a financial problem. We may even be in a similar situation. What about you, what’s your money situation?

Chinkee Tan and His Money Kit

Money problems are a part of our daily life, right? But does it have to be that way for us forever?

Good news: help is on the way!

Chinkee Tan, a radio and TV personality, wealth coach and bestselling author, has come up with a money management system to help us manage our finances. It’s the CHINK+ DO IT YOURSELF MONEY KIT.

Chinkee Tan, Wealth Coach

It’s a simple system. Basically, it just requires us to record our income and expenses. And Chinkee Tan guides us on how to use this powerful system to take control of our finances and make money work for us. But the system requires discipline, honesty and integrity. More important in going through this process are the strategies he teaches to instill in us the values of saving, budgeting, and investing so we can finally be debt-free.

The Chink Positive Money Kit contains:
1. Money Kit manual
2. Accordion folder
3. Saving envelope
4. Expenditure envelope
5. Buying envelope
6. Investment envelope
7. Financial obligations worksheet
8. Debt repayment plan worksheet
9. Till Debt Do Us Part book
10. Budgeting Software
11. DVD guide

It may seem like a lot of hassle having to write everything down, but the reward for doing so is priceless: FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE.

If you find it difficult to make ends meet even if you have a stable job;
If you’re going crazy thinking of ways how to pay off your debt,
If you despair that you don’t have enough money to pay for emergency situations;
If you’re an OFW who wants to educate his / her family on saving and budgeting,

Then you can benefit a lot from Chinkee Tan’s Money Kit.

CHINK+ MONEY KIT by Chinkee Tan


When you order the Money Kit, you automatically get Chinkee Tan’s bestselling books for FREE:
Chinkee Tan BooksTill Debt Do Us Part
For Richer or For Poorer
Rich God, Poor God
How I Made My First Million Through Direct Selling and How You Can Too
Always Chink+: How To Inspire Yourself to Inspire Others
Secrets of the Rich and Successful

And for ordering the Money Kit from this site, you will receive these exclusive freebies: a Chink+ t-shirt and an ebook containing inspiring quotations that will encourage you to achieve financial freedom – INSPIRATIONS AND MOTIVATIONS ON THE ROAD TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM. This free ebook will be available by May, and will be sent to you by email.

Chink Positive t-shirts by Chinkee Tan

CHINK+ MONEY KIT by Chinkee Tan

Now that someone’s here to help you achieve financial freedom, will you accept his help?

If you answer YES, fill out the form below and wait for further instructions by email on how to order and pay for the CHINK+ DO IT YOURSELF MONEY KIT. The kit is available online only at a very affordable price of P2,500. While it ships free anywhere in the Philippines, you have to add a shipping fee if you want it shipped abroad.

If you want to receive the give-away being offered on this blog, just fill out this form to reserve (DO THIS FIRST). You will receive an opt-in confirmation email to ensure you are not being added without your consent. Once you confirm, you will get an email that has the links to purchase Chinkee Tan’s books, money kit and training programs.

Order now and be on your way to achieve financial freedom!

Disclosure: I am an accredited online lead generator for Chinkee Tan’s books and training programs.


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  1. Victor Marbella

    i really need this to help me and guide to become a debt free at makakatulong sa amin mag asawa how to handle money salamat po na marami mr.chinkee tan

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