Great Innovations A Part of Epiphone History

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epiphone guitar - epiphone history

The timeless appeal of a rock star can be attributed in large part to their instrument-playing talents. The guitar-playing musicians  hold a special place in music lovers’ hearts and minds.

A lot of kids aspiring to be musicians would want to own an acoustic guitar, easily one of the most favorite instrument among music lovers. Guitars are also very fun to play, and there’s so much you can do with them. The guitar is so versatile and expressive. I love both acoustic and electric guitar, but I find that the sound of an acoustic guitar is something magical, like nothing else in the world. Playing the guitar is such a great high. Many can enjoy listening to some instrument more than others. I could listen to the guitar for hours and never get bored. It’s just so beautiful. 

Epiphone history is very much a part of American music history. One of the oldest instrument makers in the US, Epiphone has made quality instruments for every style of popular music since 1873. This rich history that’s rife with innovation through the years continues to entice generations of musicians to trust the Epiphone brand when it comes to sourcing guitars and other musical instruments.


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