Professional Blogging Summit: DPop Goes the World

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Professional Blogging Summit

Leading brands worldwide have embraced the digital platform as part of their marketing efforts.  With bloggers regularly sharing their opinions about the products and brands that they use, businesses now recognize their online influence. Businesses need more bloggers to help their brands and their products to become popular and reach a wider audience.

Janette Toral and Jeoff Solas of DPop organized the Professional Blogging Summit held last Saturday, October 18 at the A. Venue Mall in Makati City. The half day  event invited successful bloggers as speakers, to encourage more people to consider blogging as a viable profession. The speakers recalled how they started blogging, and shared how blogging plays a part in their current careers.

  • Azrael Coladilla and Ross Flores Del Rosario each have their own bloggers network that covers events all over the metro, and have formed partnerships with the country’s leading brands.
  • JayL Aquino is a social media strategist for popular local celebrities.
  • Seph Cham is a model and brand endorser, and his lifestyle blog takes readers not only into the world of fashion, but also shows his interest in photography,  gadgets, and others.
  • Sai Sayson-Montes shared interesting insights on how she uses social media channels to promote and sell clothes and accessories.
  • A digital marketer, Jeoff Solas took on the point of view of a PR professional, and spoke on how to be a PR-friendly blogger.

What I have realized from all the speakers’ insights  is that blogging isn’t some special branch of knowledge where you need technical knowledge and skill to succeed.

blogging is about relationships

Blogging is all about relationships. With blogging, you build a relationship with your readers and also with brands and companies that you work with or write about. And for any relationship to grow, or to succeed in whatever work you choose to pursue, the same basic rules of life apply:

1. Be true to yourself. Share your own passion and beliefs.

2. Act responsibly. In blogging, think before you hit “Publish.” Think before you click.

3. Respect everyone. Observe common sense and decency.

4. Take time to know and interact (online and offline) with your readers and the business(es) that you work with.

5. Share your knowledge. Work with other bloggers, learn from other bloggers.

6. When you commit a mistake, own up to it. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

Also, to have more business opportunities coming your way, take time and effort to expand your network. Create opportunities for yourself. Reach out to a wider audience and reach out to more businesses by tapping the power of social media and attending live events.

DPop - Philippine Blogging Summit

Photos from DPop – Philippine Blogging Summit. Bottom photo grabbed from DPop Facebook page.

So you think you can blog? Yes of course,

You can do anything
you set your mind to,

and that includes blogging.

Blogging isn’t rocket science. You can find everything you need to know online to get started. If you need help, or just someone to share ideas with about blogging, I’m willing to help.

Thank you to Digital FilipinoDPop and the sponsors of the 1st Professional Blogging Summit for this learning opportunity.
A Venue Mall
Best Western Plus Antel Hotel
Island Rose
Salad Box

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