Be Proactiv, Post An Unselfie

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proactiv unselfie campaign

Pinoys rule the selfie world, with Time Magazine naming the Philippines as the selfie capital of the world.

Sharing your selfies is a great form of self-expression. You’re a selfie addict if not a week goes by without you posting a selfie on your social media networks.  Nothing wrong with sharing your photos online, right? But must you always use photo editing apps and filters with your selfies? Are you trying to hide something, like, maybe, an acne problem?

It’s time to let your real self take center stage in your social media profiles. Be proactive by using Proactiv to treat your acne problems. With Proactiv’s proven 3-step acne treatment system, you’ll have clear, healthy skin, and soon you won’t feel the need to hide behind any of those photo filters.

Everyone should start a journey of self improvement so they would be able to have clear skin and be confident in posting that selfie without any filters.

To encourage everyone to address acne for real, Proactiv has launched its Unselfie campaign. Instead of posting an edited image, everyone is encouraged to post an unedited photo of themselves with an unselfie pledge placard.

Proactiv unselfie campaign

Here’s how to join the Proactiv Unselfie Campaign:

1. Like “Proactiv Solution Philippines” Facebook Page  or follow Proactiv Philippines Instagram Account
2. Write a pledge in a piece of paper “I need to be Proactiv”, “#Unselfie” and “#BeProactiv”.
3. Take a “selfie” with the pledge placard and post it at:
a) Proactiv Solution Philippines Facebook Account
b) Their personal Instagram Account and must tag @ProactivPH

Prizes: There will be three winners of Proactiv 30 Day Kit per week.
Campaign will run until June 21 (subject to extension by Proactiv management).


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