Soundtrack of Our Lives

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Does music play a big part in your life? I listen a lot to music on the radio, TV and the internet. Now, especially on the internet, it’s easy to learn about new artists and their music. Youtube is a great platform to let the whole world know about new music.

But do you find yourself playing the same songs from your younger years over and over? As a child growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, I carry in my heart to this day the music of the rock legends of that wonderful era. My music library contains a sprinkling of 70’s music and a wide collection of 80’s British new wave music, plus some newer bits of music from the 90’s onwards. These days I listen to the new music playing on the radio, TV and the internet, but nothing sticks to my heart and mind like the ones from my youth. Maybe we choose to remember the music of our youth precisely to remind us of all those good times in the past.

In my music mad phase in the 80’s, I had imagined myself to be a musician, a guitarist at that, playing one of those great cf martin guitars. I regret that I never took up guitar lessons. Maybe someday still. Meanwhile, I’ll have to stick to using those apps on my mobile phone that let me play some instruments and indulge my rock star dreams.



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