What’s Inside Pandora’s Box?

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You’re probably familiar with the character in Greek mythology named Pandora. Today, the phrase “opening Pandora’s box” means starting something that causes nothing but trouble, or creating all sorts of problems.

Beautiful and elegant Pandora Jewelry erases all those negative connections with the mythological character.

With headquarters in Denmark, this jewelry company is known for its charm bracelets. You can create your own bracelet with as many or as few charms that you want to have, from among the wide selection of colorful, whimsical, and cute-sy charms in their collection.

Late last year, I had finally saved enough to make my first purchase of a set of Pandora charms and bracelet. It includes a sterling silver bracelet, a letter “M” and camera charm, and a turquoise faceted glass charm. M is the first letter of my name, the camera is a reminder of all my travels, the glass charm is in blue which is my favorite color, and also in turquoise which is my birth stone. It’s not much to look at yet, but I hope to add some more soon. I’m looking to add more charms with different hues of blue, plus a few charms that fit a travel theme.

Every bracelet you create is uniquely your own. Choose the charms that have a special meaning to you. Over time, you can add to your collection and the charms will be lasting reminders of cherished memories.

What about you? What Pandora charms would you pick for your own bracelet?


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