Happy New Year!

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happy new year 2014

Happy New Year!

Can you believe that another whole year has ended, and we’re now in the first full work week of the new year? Like me, you’re probably thinking, “Where did all that time go?,” right? Last year was actually a good one for me, overall.

Better Health

No end of year health scares like in 2012, when a pesky cough that wouldn’t go away and flu-like symptoms led to a chest x-ray which led to heart testS which led to… nothing! I think that the last test result was a miracle, considering that previous testS and doctorS thought something was wrong with my heart.

Last year, it was just those coughs and colds that’s normal for me, plus just one time that I remember when I was down with fever and body aches.

More Work Opportunities

I resisted applying for offline jobs even if it meant a steady income. Instead, I pursued online job leads and worked on online writing jobs. There’s a lot of writing jobs out there, but a lot of them don’t pay much. I only went after projects that really interested me, not  necessarily those that pay a lot. And I’m finding out there’s much writing work to go around.

More than money, time is more important for me. I love the flexibility of time that I get from working online, working at home. I choose projects that let me work on my own time. That way, I have time for my family and friends, and time to pursue other interests.

But really, things could still be better, you know?

And things will be better this year. Because I say so. Because I will make it so.

Yup, time for my new year’s resolution.

I’m not really into this resolution thing. I don’t make it a habit to start the new year with one or two.

Be Healthy

I’m making an exception for this year, though, because my particular resolution is important. It’s this: BE HEALTHY.

I have to be healthy. To work. To travel. To be able to take care of my parents who are in their senior years. To be able to enjoy time with family and friends. To do things.To do more things.

This isn’t a weight issue. This “I want to be healthy” statement doesn’t mean “I want to lose x pounds.” Although I do want to lose some pounds, more important to me is to be fit, physically and mentally. To be able to go back to doing a lot of walking without being out of breath early on. To travel to some province and not be afraid that I might get sick. To lose my paranoia that I might pass out anytime when I’m tired.

It will take a lot of willpower to adopt a healthier lifestyle. To change the food I eat, to make exercise a part of daily routine, and all other things that makes a healthy lifestyle. But it can be done.

So, from this day forward, I will live HEALTHY.

Here’s to many healthy years ahead for all of us! Cheers!



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