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Thanksgiving is a US holiday, I know, but this is one US tradition I’d like to see being celebrated here in our country. Instead of Halloween. I think the only reason that Halloween gained popularity here is that business establishments heavily promoted the day to drum up sales for costumes and candies. Why not promote Thanksgiving in addition to Halloween? Businesses would then have an additional day to increase their sales. The more, the many-er, the merrier, right?

I got to feel the meaning of Thanksgiving last year. I had a medical procedure done the day after Thanksgiving here (but was technically still Thanksgiving day in the US). I didn’t really believe that something was terribly wrong with me to undergo such a procedure but previous diagnostic tests done indicated an abnormality and not just one doctor insisted that I get myself checked immediately.

Even if a big part of me didn’t really think I had a serious health problem, there’s this small voice that whispers negative things sometimes. And what it says is scary.

[Yes, you don’t feel very sick, but you don’t REALLY know that, do you? Yes, you’re having a  procedure in the best hospital in the country with one of the best doctors, but still, there’s a chance that something might go wrong. And you might die…]

[Deep breath here.]

Thankfully, everything went well, and the test produced a negative result for the ailment I was checked for. But  it did confirm an abnormality that was already known through tests from previous years. It was such a relief, knowing that I don’t have a serious heart ailment.

So, a year after, I thank the Lord so much for this good health. Along with that, I’m also thankful to the steady support of family and friends. This year, I also thank the Lord for more opportunities to work, learn and earn.

I’m grateful everyday for this blessed life.

Lord, thank you so much. Help me find ways to be a blessing to others.



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