Tips To Survive Your Daily Commute

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A big reason why I’ve decided to switch to a work-at-home lifestyle is the employee’s tiring commute to and from work everyday. Imagine at least three hours total on the road daily, and that’s on a good day.

Still, I do have to venture out of the house sometimes. I try to stay positive to get through the tiring commute.

Here are some tips to help make your daily commute more bearable:

Quit whining about the traffic. You’re familiar with the country’s road traffic situation. Why waste your energy by complaining? You’ll just put yourself in a bad mood. Besides, complaining won’t change anything. You know what to expect. Leave early so you won’t be late for an appointment.

Share a ride. Why not share a ride with a friend? Arrange for a close friend or family member to ride with you. Heavy traffic would not be a big bother when you spend your commuting time chatting away.

Play your favorite tunes. Listen to music. Play your favorite tunes on your cellphone or MP3 player. Sing your traffic blues away.

Learn something new. Still with your cellphone or MP3 player, learn something new by listening to podcasts or audiobooks while on the road. It’s a great way to make use of idle time.

Nestea RTD Lemon 500mlBring your favorite treats. Sometimes it’s unavoidable to get hungry during long commutes. It’s a good idea then to have an “on-the-road” goodie basket and fill it up with some favorite treats like chips, nutribars, and even your favorite fruits. Your goodie basket would definitely be a lifesaver when you’re stuck in heavy traffic.

Nestea Ready to Drink (RTD) is a favorite companion of commuters everywhere. Making a comeback from the 1990s, Nestea RTD refreshes with three flavors: Lemon, Apple, and Lemon Ice. Conveniently packed in an easy-to-bring bottle, Nestea RTD is the perfect partner for the long hours on the road. So whatever the traffic situation, go ahead, take the plunge anytime, anywhere.


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