We Get What We Pay For

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We get what we pay for.

The product or service with the cheapest price is not necessarily the best buy.

The most expensive one is not necessarily the best buy either.

Do not buy a product or service based on price alone.

Know the product that you’re buying. What it’s made of, where and how it was made, the company behind the brand and the company that manufactured the product.

Sometimes we’re too focused on just getting the cheapest price that we forget to ask why the product is cheap. Or maybe we just don’t care as long as we think we got the best bargain.

We won’t care until something terrible happens, like the collapse of a factory in Bangladesh where some western clothing brands are made.

No wonder those are cheap. Those companies subcontract manufacturing to third world countries where there’s no strict enforcement of safety regulations to protect their poor workers.

What about airline service? Until when can we tolerate the poor services of budget carriers? Just because they charge relatively lower fares, it doesn’t mean we accept as standard the constant flight delays and cancellations without valid reason.

Remember, quality has its price. We must be willing to pay more to get quality goods and services. This isn’t to say that we should only buy name brands.With some product prices, you know just you’re buying into the brand lifestyle.  If you’re not into that, I’m sure there are a lot of other alternatives to expensive name brands.

Now that it’s October, some of us are starting on our Christmas gift shopping list.

While it’s true that it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving, you wouldn’t want to be known as the one who gives generic, uninspired items like mugs and picture frames.

Think of what a gift would mean to the intended recipient. Will it be something that the recipient will like and find useful, or will it be just another item occupying space and gathering dust in the cabinet or drawer?

Buy the best that you can afford. Again, quality has its price.


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