What Does It Take To Eat Healthy?

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We read about the grim numbers on the direct relation between unhealthy eating habits and various illnesses.

Each year the average American eats 85.5 pounds of fat and oil and spends 10% of their disposable income on fast food. The usual American diet contains too much saturated fat, sodium, and sugar and too few fruits, vegetables, whole grains, calcium, and fiber.

Statistics on the effects of unhealthy eating habits of Americans are alarming. Take a look at these:

  • The usual American diet raises the risk of cancer by 47%.
  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that  310,000-580,000 deaths every year are due to unhealthy eating and inactivity.
  • 61% of American adults are overweight or obese.
  • Obesity rates in  children have doubled in the last two decades.

Hotdogs, bacon, donuts, cake, soda; they sure are delicious. And we often crave for them, especially now that Instagram tempts us with sinfully rich food photos. How can we ever resist them?

It’s hard to undo a lifetime of bad eating habits, but we can begin now to try to eat healthy one step at a time. The American Cancer Society shares a list of basic ingredients for a healthy kitchen. We can use it as a guide to prepare healthy meals for the family.

Healthy eating habits reduce our risk for disease and premature death. Eating healthy doesn’t mean going on a strict diet that restricts the kinds of food that you can eat. A healthy diet takes into consideration that one needs a variety of foods like fish, fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet avoids overprocessed foods that contain toxins that harm our body. Healthy eating allows our body to receive the proper nutrients it needs to function well.

It takes a lot of willpower to change our eating habits but doing so will lead to better health and better quality of life. That’s a good incentive enough for me to eat healthy.




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