Last Quarter Dash

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last quarter dash


I wake up just as September ends. Jolted by reminders from everywhere that Christmas is less than a hundred days away, and another new year is just around the corner.

When I venture out of the house to do some errands, my ears are assaulted by Christmas songs blaring from sidewalk stalls selling cheap, disposable trinkets. I see groceries prominently displaying Christmas food gift baskets. Not a few shops have Christmas displays in their storefront.

It’s true what they say, that time flies faster as we advance in age. Another year nears its end.

Reality check is in order. As I finish this year’s last quarter dash, I ask myself: What have I done this year?  Has this year been a good one? What do I plan to do next year?

My mind attempts to answer the questions, but stops suddenly.

I shake off the reflective mood. I think it’s still early to pull out my assessment checklist.

I’d like to enjoy the remaining days of the year, and not spoil the days ahead by comparing them to past days, months and years.

Thinking of the Christmas season makes me mostly happy but also a little  bit irritated.

Happy because I think of the truly joyful moments to be spent with family and friends. And irritated because of the frenzied rush, the mad dash of gift-giving and parties.

But right now, it’s just the start of October.

October still brings rains.

And there’s still a lot of time to make up for whatever we had planned for this year.

As we consciously or unconsciously start preparations for Christmas, let us not forget the significance of the season. Let us not be caught up with the materialism that big businesses want us to embrace.

May we think to give our time and talent instead not only to our loved ones, but also to those who have less in life.



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