What Do You Get From Social Bookmarking Sites?

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Social bookmarking is an important tool used by businesses in generating traffic to their websites, and ultimately in increasing sales.

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Social bookmarking is a popular link building strategy. It is used to save bookmarks on a public website. This helps internet users organize their bookmarks online rather than saving them to their computers.

Social bookmarking is an important tool used by businesses in generating traffic to their website, and ultimately in increasing sales.

The above infographic shows the social bookmarking industry growing largely since 1996, and with it, its growing influence in business. As much as an estimated 50% of US businesses gained customers via social media sites. Shopify, a leading ecommerce platform, shares here how Pinterest, with its visually appealing interface, helps drive online sales.

There are many benefits in doing social bookmarking. These are the most important ones.

1. Improve your website’s visibility

You will be able to improve your link popularity and improve your website’s Google ranking through social bookmarking. Through bookmarking sites, you get traffic and quality backlinks.

A number of social bookmarking sites are trusted websites. When there’s a link on their page pointing to your website, it drives visitors to your site and leads to higher ranking.

The more bookmarks a link gets, the better the value. Also, it is a signal for search engines to pay special attention to your site, thus improving its Google page rank.

2. Bookmarking sites help internet users save a lot of time and effort.

Internet users will be able to easily store, manage and search for their favorite web pages.

Users can see all the links that have been grouped together according to keywords or topics, thanks to the support of search engines.

3. It permits people to share their favorite web sites.

These sites enable them to share these bookmarks with friends based on keywords or topics.

4. It increases repeat visitors to your website.

Bookmarking gives your website visitors a means to find your website again.


Depending on how well you create the bookmarks, the social bookmarks that you submit can get listed in the search results.

By bookmarking sites on a particular theme and tagging them with relevant keywords, you can establish your expertise and make people follow you. Be sure to use keyword rich descriptions and titles. Your website should have quality content because it’s the content that readers get attracted to.

EbizMBA lists the top 15 most popular social bookmarking sites for September 2013. No surprise here, as Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit top the list.

What social bookmarking sites do you actively use to boost traffic to your website and increase your business leads? Sound off below in the comments section.


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