Protect Your Gadgets with Lifeproof

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 Marc Nelson for Lifeproof

Our smartphones have become our all-in-one gadget. We use a smartphone not only for voice calls and text messaging, but also for many other applications, including listening to music, taking vacation photos, watching videos, taking food photos, reading novels, and taking “selfies.” Naturally, we take our smartphones everywhere we go, and subject them to many hazards, intentional or not.

Have you had to replace a phone in the past because the old one was damaged beyond repair, because it had been dropped (or thrown?) or it got too wet  many times? There really is a need to use protective cases for our expensive mobile devices.

Yes, there are now many protective cases for smartphones in the market, but most are big and bulky.

Now, here’s Lifeproof to the rescue!

LifeProof brings us sleek and lightweight protective cases for smartphones and tablets, specifically for the iPhone 4/4s/5, iPod Touch 5, iPad and iPad mini, and Samsung Galaxy SIII. These cases come in solid, vibrant colors.

During the August 29 media launch for Lifeproof’s newest product, the Lifeproof frē, celebrity endorser Marc Nelson proudly shared that he never goes anywhere without his iPhone and Lifeproof case. Being the adventure junkie that he is, he appreciates the highest level of protection that Lifeproof gives to his iPhone. He also revealed that even before becoming an endorser, he had already been using Lifeproof cases.

Marc Nelson for Lifeproof

The new LifeProof frē Case provides full access to all key functions while protecting the phone against shock, water, dirt and snow.

The LifeProof frē Case makes it possible for smartphone users to swim laps in the pool, bike through rugged terrain and use fitness apps on the run. Workers can stay connected at a construction site, a hospital or in school, with dust, shock, weather and sticky fingers to contend with, while having full access to all device functions. And if you live or work in a flood-prone area in the Philippines, you wouldn’t have to worry now about your smartphone getting damaged when you have to wade through the flood.

There’s also the Lifeproof nüüd Case, available for the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII, that uses the innovative screenless technology. With no need for a screen cover, it provides a waterproof seal to the touchscreen, protecting the device while leaving the screen open for direct touch.

You can dunk your gadget in the water or drop it in the dirt and it’ll survive. It can handle the drops and bumps you encounter on a daily basis.

lifeproof waterproof

Because your gadget is protected, you will always be connected. You have the freedom to enjoy life’s pleasures, without worrying about your gadgets.

LifeProof cases and accessories are distributed in the Philippines by JCordon Commercial and are available for sale at all ICON, PowerMac, Digital Hub, Beyond the Box, Digital Walker, Switch, iStudio, AShop, Astroplus and Technoholics outlets.

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