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Are you a good writer? Have you considered blogging as a career or to earn extra money? Yes, you can get paid to blog! Do you know that there are those who earn pretty good money from blogging? Do you want to be one of them?

Professional bloggers make money from blogging. Self employed bloggers do blogging on their own, and do not blog for a specific brand or company, as opposed to corporate bloggers who are employed to blog for certain companies. I think many are part-time bloggers, who blog as a hobby just for the fun of it, or as a sideline to earn extra income.

How does one become a blogger?

Content is the most important thing in blogging.  If you can talk, you can write. Write in a conversational way to make it easy for other people to engage with your content.

What do you write about in a blog? You can write about anything that you’re passionate about. Write about your interests. It may be about food, travel, vintage cars or Apple gadgets. Or you can write about certain causes you’re passionate about, like ending world hunger or fighting for children’s rights. Make sure, though, that your content provides value to your readers and is written in a way that generates interest.

It is also important to engage with your readers.  Talk to them, ask them for their opinions, ask them to share their thoughts on your content.

So where does the money come in?

You generate income from blogging in a lot of ways. There’s revenue from running advertisements in your blog or doing affiliate marketing. You can use your existing content to create online products like e-books, online courses, and offer these to your readers.

You may think that your readers are just the like-minded individuals who share the same interest in your hobby or cause. In the vast universe of the internet, there are many marketers out there looking for valuable content for their products, or looking to share their content or their products. And that’s where another source of  money in blogging comes in.

There are those who offer paid opportunities for others to blog. Online job sites contain a lot of them. There are websites that pay bloggers to write a post on their own blogs. You register on their site, look for opportunities that appeal to you, write and post the content on your blog, wait for approval and payment.

For bloggers who are just starting out, or those with a modest  number of readers, money comes in by working with online or digital marketers who seek out bloggers to spread their content or spread word about their brand or product. In this case, bloggers are seen as influencers within their circle.

I have done this a few times and I think it’s a fast and easy way to make some money. Though it’s not the fastest way to make the most money, it is the easiest way for me to make money online.

Have you made money from your blog? Comment below to answer how you made money from your blog.


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