Choosing To Go On

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Many things in life we don’t understand.

We try hard to find answers but more questions appear. We look for answers everywhere, from anyone.

We bang our heads against the wall trying to make sense of the madness that is our life.

We shout. We curse. We cry out.

Over the unending pain of a disease that’s slowly ravaging our body. Over the unspeakable loss of a loved one’s life. Over the sudden death of a love that once brought much happiness. Over the steep decline in our finances. Over the hurtful betrayal of a trusted friend.

What can one do but cry ’til the tears run dry?

What I do find to be comforting, without fail, are prayers.

With prayers I am embraced by the Lord in His goodness. I feel that everything will be all right. I feel loved.

And so I can go on in life

despite the pain and uncertainties.





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