Be the Big Boss Summit: Producing Champion Entrepreneurs


be the big boss summit

The Be The Big Boss Summit was a whole day learning event that featured successful entrepreneurs, paying forward to teach fellow Filipinos the Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur. It was held last July 26 at the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) Auditorium in Ortigas.

The invitation to attend the Be the Big Boss Summit was too good to pass up. I had my own microbusinesses some years back. They were all short-lived. Those micro-businesses didn’t go past the 4-year mark. Maybe if I had a good mentor then, life would have been a lot different for me. So I was excited to attend the event and learn from successful men and women who built their own businesses.

Current Economic Situation

The event started with a video presentation on the current state of the economy. The video echoed the rosy growth statistics trumpeted by the country’s economic managers, and challenged Filipinos to become entrepreneurs at this time of low interest rates and generally upbeat business sentiment.

Go Negosyo Advocates

be the big boss summit Go Negosyo advocates

What followed was a panel discussion on business success stories and lessons learned by Go Negosyo advocates Mr. Mon Lopez, Ardy Roberto, RJ Ledesma and Mary Grace Santos. Along with moderator Randell Tiongson, they provided insights in their entrepreneurial journey. They spoke of passion, taking control of your own destiny, having the right mindset and attitude, and investing in yourself. The Go Negosyo team travel around the country to preach entrepreneurship.

My learning points from this discussion are knowing how your own strengths can fill a need in the market, and growing the market through continuous innovation.

Too often we go into business just for the money. We see what’s currently doing great business in the market and we jump in and copy the concept, not doing something different or adding value to what’s already there. So we make money for a few years when the fad is strong. And then, nothing.

Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur

be the big boss summit 2013

Me and fellow Philippine Virtual Assistant Network (PVAN) members Dems Angeles and Teena Catral with Be the Big Boss Summit main speaker and VCargo owner Paulo Tibig

The event’s main speaker was Mr. Paulo Tibig, President of V Cargo Worldwide. I’m impressed by his zeal in promoting entrepreneurship in the country. Coming from humble beginnings, he knows and lives by the value of hard work. In giving out The Strategies of A Champion Entrepreneur, he emphasized both the challenges and rewards of having your own business.

Wealth Coach Chinkee Tan gave a short, entertaining talk on what we get from delayed gratification, saving, and on buying things that can make us more money.

I saw passion in the eyes of Leslie Cabal, a member of the Manila Ocean Park dragon boat team, when she talked of the similarities in playing a team sport and managing your own business. Dedication and discipline are needed to succeed in both.

Leadership Trainer Boris Joaquin spoke on Collaborations Leading to Co-opportunities. We play different roles in each of our relationships. Our business partners, the people that we work with or do business with have different roles too, and we should recognize each other’s potential in helping grow the business.

Mr. Tibig summed up everything by defining the characteristics of a CHAMPion entrepreneur: Commitment, Hard Work, Attitude, Motivation and Prayer.

Mr. Tibig’s presentation was peppered with case studies of different businesses that best demonstrates each business strategy. All speakers injected humor and interacted with the audience throughout their talk.

Raising Filipino Entrepreneurs

I remembered what I think I most needed to learn. The three words that stayed with me after the conference were differentiation, innovation and sustainability. In my current work as a freelance writer, I hope to be different and innovative so I can sustain this path for the long term.

My wish is that Entrepreneurship be included in the school curriculum as early as the elementary grades. And for many young people to actively seek mentors who will guide them in business matters. So our country can have many young Filipino entrepreneurs. We Filipinos need to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. To solve problems on our own, think out of the box, and not rely on other people or the government to make our lives better.

It was great to see many students and other young people participate in the conference. Our country needs an entrepreneurship revolution to sustain economic growth, and make this growth inclusive for all Filipinos.

If you missed the Be The Big Boss Summit, you can buy Mr. Tibig’s book to learn about business and entrepreneurship.

Thanks to Whiteboard Learning for staging this event. Thank you to Mr. Tibig, the other speakers and the morning’s panelists for generously sharing your time, knowledge and experiences. I’m looking forward to learning more from our Entrep champions.



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