Proactiv Solution is the Preferred Acne Treatment


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Actress Naya Rivera, who plays Santana in “Glee,” is a Proactiv celebrity endorser.

I know of some people who’ve had to endure acne since their childhood, and well into their adulthood. Growing up, I never had a bad case of acne. But even now, there would be times when break-outs would appear before my monthly period. Whether it’s a monthly annoyance or a severe case, having acne is never pretty. It may even cause anxiety. It’s just natural then to find a permanent cure for this common skin problem.

If you’ve ever had acne, chances are you’ve tried experimenting with different ways to treat it. There is a wide variety of treatments available, but you need first to understand how acne develops.

How Acne Forms

Pimples don’t just decide to pop up overnight. As the skin renews itself, old cells die, mix with the skin’s natural oils and are shed off. Normally, these cells are shed gradually to make room for fresh new skin. Dead skin cells may block the pores. Acne appears when the oil glands under the hair follicles get inflamed, clogged up or infected. Often the oil glands secrete too much of the oily substance called sebum, which is a natural lubricant for the skin. This blocks the pores and makes for a great breeding ground for bacteria. The follicles then get red and inflamed.

How Proactiv Stops Acne

Proactiv Solution is your best bet against acne because it prevents acne at its root cause and destroys the acne cycle. This is how the Proactiv system works:

  1. The Proactiv Renewing Cleanser (Step1) and the Proactiv Revitalizing Toner (Step 2) removes dead skin cells, ensuring that the pores don’t get clogged.
  2. The Proactiv Revitalizing Toner (Step 2) removes excess oils too, eliminating food for bacteria.
  3. The Proactiv Renewing Cleanser (Step1) and the Proactiv Repairing Treatment (Step 3) kills the bacteria and prevent proliferation.
  4. The Free Refining Mask  helps reduce inflammation and swelling.

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Proactiv vs Other Acne Treatment Methods

Overnight spot treatments are cheap and easy to apply. Often these products promise an overnight miracle cure. But these products usually contain a high concentration of benzoyl peroxide that kills the acne bacteria but cause redness, irritation or hyper pigmentation. Proactiv’s lower concentration of  benzoyl peroxide, at 2.5%, is an effective concentration that makes it safe for daily use. It may also be applied to the whole face.

Generally , the long term use of antibiotics may result to bacterial resistance, causing a person to to be immune to its benefits. Proactiv doesn’t contain an antibiotic. What it has is an antimicrobial agent that is safe for long-term use.

The use of oral drugs like isotretinion or hormonal pills for severe acne have been questioned for their side effects. In 2010 there were reports linking suicidal tendencies and psychotic behaviors among acne patients on isotretinion. Hormonal pills sometimes causes water retention, weight gain and mood swings. Proactiv doesn’t have these side effects.

The Philippine Dermatological Society is campaigning for awareness among Filipinos to use only the services of highly qualified doctors for derm clinic injections. When done by inexperienced persons, the procedure may cause scars for life. This procedure is extremely painful, and because acne is a cyclical condition, recurring acne means recurring painful injections. On the other hand, Proactiv is gentle on your skin. With advanced micronized benzoyl peroxide and ingredients designed by Doctors Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, your journey to clear skin will not be a painful experience.

Custom derm packs come in different formulations and prices. Just because they are expensive, there’s no assurance that they’ll work. Those expensive acne treatments don’t have the backing of massive consumer trials from all over the world. Which means you might just be the company’s guinea pig. Proactiv, being the world’s number 1 anti-acne treatment, can boast that it has millions of customers who can testify that it is effective.

Trying out Proactiv is easy because of its money-back guarantee. Proactiv Solution is available online at the Proactiv website, at Watsons and SM Department Stores nationwide, and at Proactiv kiosks in Glorietta, Trinoma, Robinson’s Galleria and Marquee Mall.

Start your journey to clear skin now.


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