Walking The Streets of Philadelphia

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Some people want to know about what happened or what’s happening in the lives of entertainment personalities. Me, what I find interesting is how history was made. I like trivia about people in history books or people who are making history. That’s why I find Philadelphia, home to many historical sites, fascinating.

The weekend before Christmas of 2012 saw me with my sister and her family visiting Philadelphia. Philly is a short driving distance away from New York City (where my sister lives), just around two hours. Philly is a large city, and has a lot to offer a first time tourists like us. We concentrated on the Historic District, and took a Trolley tour around the city.

History Comes Alive


For history buffs like me, Philadelphia’s Historic District is heaven. Imagine walking in the same steps where America’s founding fathers walked .

The Independence National Historical Park is composed of several structures within the Historic District having national historical significance, specifically having to do with the American Revolution.  A tour of the Independence Hall, a World Heritage Site, takes one back during the time when the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution were adopted. The tour guide with the hair and voice to match that era gives brief history lessons as he escorts visitors inside this historic landmark. The Liberty Bell is housed nearby, accompanied with an exhibit chronicling its hallowed place in American history.


Philadelphia as an Arts and Culture Center

The one other thing that I like most about Philadelphia is its lively arts and culture scene. The city is littered with outdoor sculptures not only of its prominent citizens but random objects as well, like a clothespin and an electrical plug. There are also many murals. Philly is home to numerous museums containing impressive collections of the works of renowned international artists. Many historic buildings have been beautifully preserved to reflect the prevailing architectural styles of their respective eras. One can clearly see and appreciate the high priority to arts and culture given by the city government.


City Tour Aboard A Trolley

A first time visitor to the city of Philadelphia would do well to make the Independence Visitor’s Center at the Historic District as the first tour stop. Getting information is fast and easy as there’s always friendly staff  manning the counters to answer questions, give plenty of brochures and flyers for whatever information you might need, and even assist in purchasing tour tickets.

The Philly Trolley Tour is a convenient way to see the city sights, with many stops where you can hop on and off as many times as you like within the tour’s operating hours.
An overnight weekend stay is insufficient for a comprehensive tour of Philadelphia. There’s just so much to see for a history and arts enthusiast like me. I hope I’ll have another chance to visit this wonderful city.

Philadelphia is a highly urbanized city that retains much of its old world charm. I am very much awed by this wonderful city, and more so by its leaders and citizens who manage to preserve its beauty through the years.  I can only wish that there would be a city or town somewhere in my own country that would be as beautiful as this, in my lifetime.


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