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The year 2013 rolls in, and of course I list a few things that I should do for the year. Career-wise, writing should be my focus this year. Time to get serious on this one. I got a one-off small writing project as soon as I got back from my long Christmas holiday break. I take it as a positive sign, to continue with this writing path.

Having no formal background in writing,  I’d love to learn how to write better. Better writing for me means watching the events or the story unfold in my mind as I read the text from a book, magazine, newspaper, or any piece of writing. At the same time, that piece of writing should also get the intended response from its target audience.

I try to fit in as many learning opportunities as I can, but there will always be a lot of things to learn, and so little time.

So it’s a thrill for me to know that the Freelance Writers Guild of the Philippines and Conversologie have teamed up to offer a series of webinars on writing. Conversologie is a digital consultancy firm engaged in providing virtual solutions. Its company headquarters is in New Zealand, and has offices in the Philippines, France and South Africa. One of the company founders is Jam Mayer, a Filipina now based in New Zealand, who pioneered the use of webinars in the Philippines.

The first of the series will be held this Thursday, February 21. There will be two separate webinars on this day: Quick Start to Copywriting and The Complete Blueprint to Search Engine Success for Writers.

Quick Start to Copywriting will start at 1pm Philippine time. The speaker will be Lillian Leon, a freelance copywriter from New Zealand. She will guide participants through the writing process and teach them how to use words that will connect with the audience, and urge the audience to take action.

The Complete Blueprint to Search Engine Success for Writers starts at 4pm, and the speaker will be an SEO expert, also from New Zealand, Steve Knight. This webinar will be about developing SEO strategies that will drive readers to one’s website. Keyword research, on-page optimization and related matters will be discussed.

There’s a separate registration for each of the webinars, with a minimal fee to be charged.

I’ve been on this writing journey for about two years now and I feel I haven’t moved far from where I started. Copywriting and SEO are two terms that I am only vaguely familiar with and I wish to be better acquainted with them after the webinars. I know these webinars from FWGP and Conversologie will be a great help to my online writing career.


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