Visualizing My Dream Home

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It’s a brand new year once again, and it’s that time of the year when we make or revisit our dream boards.

Part of my dream board is my very own dream home. If family ties and location (country) were not areas of concern, I would like my dream home to be near the water. A home by the lake or perched on a cliff overlooking the sea would be nice, just like the one pictured below. I’m not particularly fond of the water (I can’t even swim!), but the sight of the tranquil sea both soothes and energizes me.

dream house

dream house location (picture taken from an article on Batanes, Philippines)

It’s quite easy to have a vague idea of what one would want in a dream home. Usually we’d know the general area (city or town), landscape (city street, hillside, farm) or seascape (by the beach or lake) where we want the house to be located. Then the particular architectural style of the house (modern, Victorian, ranch, villa). Apart from that, not much else.

But a lot of people say that we have to visualize our dreams in order for them to have a better chance to come true. So how would my dream home look like? I’d like a simple ranch-style single-story house, L-shaped with an open floor plan, spacious bedrooms, with large windows and glass sliding doors.

It’s also important for me to have an outdoor living area for relaxation and entertainment purposes. I’d like to have a deck overlooking the sea. I imagine quiet afternoons lounging in a deck chair reading a book. Or noisy evenings chatting with close friends while having dinner.

There are literally hundreds of options available for home building materials. Choosing what type of materials to use when building your dream home  may be daunting, but knowing the purpose of each space would help narrow down the options. For deck designs, a familiar problem would be having to choose between a wood deck and a composite deck. A wood deck is natural and beautiful, but I worry about its maintenance. I’d rather go for composite decking materials which are made up of organic and synthetic materials (usually wood byproducts and recycled materials like plastic), require little maintenance, and are made to look and feel like traditional wood decking anyway.

I came across a composite decking company website with a great online tool to help homeowners visualize the perfect deck of their dreams. The Latitudes Deck Visualizer lets you mix and match their different decking materials and accessories to come up with your own ideal deck. Easy to use, this online tool saves you a lot of time by letting you immediately see online how the customized design would look like. Using the visualizer, here’s how my outdoor space would look like:

Latitudes deck

sample deck design from Latitudes Visualizer

I keep my dream board on my work desk where I always see it. That way, I get motivated to work for my dreams. Someday soon, I’ll have this house by the sea.


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