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SM North EDSA brings back childhood memories and at the same time introduces Hello Kitty to a new generation of kids.

The Hello Kitty Christmas Village is on display at The Block, SM North EDSA in Quezon City.

hello kitty christmas village sm north edsa

Christmas is always a special time to recall childhood memories. Hello Kitty plays a big part in many little girls’ and teenagers’  lives.

As a grade schooler, I remember Hello Kitty as one of the famous Sanrio characters, along with Little Twin Stars and My Melody. I don’t know what happened to the other characters. It seems that only Hello Kitty has staying power, and has become a timeless symbol of childhood.

As a child, Christmas would not be complete without receiving or buying a Sanrio item. Almost every girl in school had at least one Sanrio item. That was easy because even then, Sanrio had a lot of items to offer, especially school items like pencils, pens, erasers, pencil cases and bags. I was content to have just those pens and pencil cases. Some girls would have almost all their school stuff with the Sanrio brand.

I also recall a time  in grade school when we had a school project to make a stuffed toy. I made one with the likeness of My Melody. Just because I thought it was easier to make than Hello Kitty.

My fascination with Hello Kitty and Sanrio stuff may have waned with age, but it never stopped. Imagine my delight when I saw an actual commercial plane with the Hello Kitty logo! Read that post here.

2012-11-27 11.48.13

2012-11-27 11.47.46

Everyday, lots of people go to the Hello Kitty Christmas Display and have their photos taken. The pictures here were taken just as the mall opened, so only a few people were there at that time. If you want to have pictures with fewer people in the background, go early on a midweek day.

2012-11-27 11.48.53

It’s not just at the Christmas Village that you will find Hello Kitty stuff. The mall is littered with Hello Kitty displays and merchandise. You can find some personal items at the SM Department Store and Watson’s, toys at Toy Kingdom of course, and a wider variety of merchandise at the Sanrio shop at the Annex building.

2012-12-02 11.00.25

While I never collected any Hello Kitty stuff, my sister has a small collection of stuffed toys, pictured below. The one at the bottom is from a promo of McDonald’s some years back.



The Hello Kitty Christmas Village will be on display the entire Christmas season. Special shows and programs are held on weekends. Check the mall schedule on their Facebook page. Be sure to visit with the kids and kids at heart.

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