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PHL360 is an online reality show on Philippine travel. Eight backpackers from different backgrounds travel in pairs for an unknown adventure in different parts of the Philippine islands.  Each team must complete the assigned tasks for them to advance to the next phase of their trip. The travelers use their strength, creativity and charm to complete their tasks.

I can’t help but compare “PHL360” to “The Amazing Race,” because it is also a travel adventure show.  Only one thing that I found similar: same basic idea of a series showing teams traveling to different destinations. But the teams in “The Amazing Race” all go to one destination at a time as they race to the be the first to get to the finish line. The four teams in PHL360 head to different directions after the initial get-together in Manila— to the north (Sta. Ana, Cagayan), east (Legazpi, Albay), west (El Nido, Palawan) and south (Iligan City, Lanao del Norte).

Watch Dong and Robbie (#DongBie), Chichi and Ron (#ChichiRon), Hannah and Chyng (#HaChyng) and Monette and Robert (#MoRoMoRo) having fun in the Philippines. Some personality quirks of the adventurers surface as each travel challenge unfolds. No ugly fights between teammates so far, but some awkward moments creep in here and there. I think each episode is too short, but that just builds up the suspense for the next episode.

The show features amazing scenery as expected, but it aims to highlight the travel experience. No need to break the bank to enjoy the sights, sounds, and food of the wonderful islands of the Philippines. Plus the locals are the ones who often make the trip worthwhile.

As of today, the show is on its 5th episode but you can watch all previous and future episodes on the show’s website and Facebook page (see below). Each new episode debuts every Thursday at noon, Philippine time.

It’s a great show to watch if only to see how one can enjoy the beautiful, natural landmarks outside of Manila. I would love to go to breathtaking Iligan City. Let’s all plan our next vacation with the help of PHL360.

The adventure starts here:

*Photo from the PHL360 Facebook page.

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11 thoughts on “PHL360: Dive Into the Adventure

  1. mas10ph Post author

    I’m sure all the participants were well taken care of throughout the filming, wherever they went. The show’s an online-exclusive for now, but I’d like for more people to see it on TV.
    Btw, Monette and Robert went to Cagayan.

  2. Khakiness

    Whoa, Lanao? I don’t mean to be mean but I hope that Monette and Robert will have a safe and fun trip there. I always thought that this is gonna be shown on tv.


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