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great northern sale

I try to go on the first day during any sale event to try to avoid the huge crowd on succeeding days. Of course, this Great Northern Sale being in SM North EDSA, a huge crowd should be expected even on the first day. So I did go yesterday, on the first day of the Great Northern Sale which runs until Sunday, July 15. I should have remembered that it was also payday weekend. [Face palm gesture here.] So the ATMs had long lines of people too who were waiting to get their cash. Patience NOT being one of my many virtues, I decided to make do with a few hundred pesos in my bag. I will not use my credit card and sink myself deeper into debt. Good thing that I had lunch at home before I left for SM.

But… what to buy with less than a thousand pesos? As I mentioned in an earlier post, I want to buy pants and blouses for work. I’ll have to choose only one item for today. I go to SM Department Store to look at what’s on sale. Glad to know that there were lots of good merchandise on sale, many marked down at 10 – 50% off the original price.

great northern sale

I proceed to the denim section and try on a couple of pants, both of which do not fit me well. Bummer. I do not like those oh so tight, skinny jeans! [Sigh.] I give up looking for other styles to try on. While SM is well prepared for the sale because they have added make-shift fitting stalls covered in thick curtains, the stalls are so tiny; and the lighting is a bit dim. I wander to other areas of the ladies section. Lots of good stuff, really. I try some blouses in different sizes, and found one that’s 50% off and a good fit, so I buy it. Yehey! Mission for today accomplished.

But as I go around the mall, I find more stuff that I’d like to buy. I see lots of SALE signs. Sales staff are push their wares inside and outside their stores. Shoppers are bombarded by the PA system with enticing bargains. Clothes! Appliances! Home furnishings! Books! Gadgets! Even food establishments are joining in on the sales. If only I had more cash. [Sighs again.] You’re probably thinking that I could just use my credit card today and pay for the stuff in full on the card’s due date. Haha. It doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes, you find more stuff that you like and charge them to your card, and do it again and again. Before you know it, you have more debt than the actual money coming in. So… I just say no to any swiping today.

BUT I may have some cash by Sunday, so I check out some stores and find some other stuff worth going back to.

  • some nice dresses at SM Department Store
  • airy blouses and simple accessories at Kamiseta and Bayo
  • roomy tote bags at EGG
  • delicious-smelling body creams and lotions at Body Shop
  • imported books at National Bookstore / Bestsellers (20% off!!!!!)
  • light sandals and trendy clothes in eye-searing colors 😉  at Forever 21

sm north great northern sale

Truthfully, I’m not one to go to every nook and cranny of the mall to look at stuff. I usually just find and buy what I need. What I do enjoy is finding something new to eat. So after almost 4 hours of non-stop walking, I rest and have some merienda before heading back home. I stop at a place I haven’t tried before: Tsoko Nut Batirol at the upper ground floor of the main mall, below the escalator near National Bookstore. I order a combo meal of hot tsokolate that’s thick and rich in taste; and light, airy ensaymada topped with lots of sugar and keso de bola. Sweet stuff that’s just right for me. A satisfying meal to end an ordinary Friday afternoon that just happens to be the 13th of the month. And speaking of food, SM North EDSA is giving out The Gourmet Card, a discount card for use in the mall’s dining establishments, of course. 🙂

tsoko nut batirol

SO if you haven’t gone yet, you have until this Sunday, July 15, to find great bargains at the Great Northern Sale of SM North EDSA. Happy shopping!

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