Hidden Hills Farm: A Green Sanctuary

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view from hidden hills farm

Imagine this to be your view upon waking up from a deep, satisfying sleep. A welcome feast for the eyes. Breathe the clean, fresh air in this green environment. This is the view from Hidden Hills Farm, a 4.5 hectare property in Barangay Imok, Calauan, Laguna. Away from the busy, maddening crowd and perpetually gridlocked traffic of the city. Yet conveniently accessible from Manila which is only about an hour and a half drive away.

Our body and mind need periodic rest. Sometimes, it’s okay to just rest at home. But there are times when we need to go far away from home too, especially if that home is in  the city. The answer to this would be to have a rest house or a farm in the province, not far from the city, where we can occasionally recharge and re-energize our mind and body.

You now have a chance to own a green sanctuary where you can relax and unwind, have fun and adventure, and also have a thriving business, all at the same time. Welcome to Hidden Hills Farm.

hidden hills farm

A multiple-floor viewing deck offers 360-degree views of the different mountains in Laguna.

hidden hills farm

Native nipa huts give refuge for the tired and weary

hidden hills farm

Fruit-bearing trees abound: lanzones, rambutan, avocado, guyabano, santol, chico, golden star apple, lychees, coconut, dalandan, pineapple and many more

hidden hills farm

Green here, there and everywhere. Walk your way to a healthier body and a calmer mind.

hidden hills farm

Adventure seekers have a place here too. Located within the farm, this is the longest hanging bridge in Laguna. It is made of fiber optic cables and solid wooden planks.

hidden hills farm

Bring your guests. The reception pavilion can accommodate up to 150 persons. You can rent this out for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, baptismals and reunions.

hidden hills farm

Provision for two swimming pools

hidden hills farm

“Come away little lamb, come away to the water. Give yourself so we may live anew.” (lyrics from Come Away to the Water by Maroon 5)

There is also a watch tower overlooking Caliraya and Laguna de Bay, and a concrete residential house in the area. Currently, there are three rooms provided to accommodate guests who wish to stay overnight or longer. The farm is serviced by water and electrical utilities.

Own a little piece of paradise on this side of the earth. Be where natural beauty is. Build your dream rest house here and enjoy the many possibilities of the place. Hidden Hills Farm is for sale for only P800 per square meter or a total of P36 million for the whole lot. Call 09213191471 for details.

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