Let’s Join the (Food) Revolution!

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food revolution day

Celebrity chef Jaime Oliver started a Food Revolution Day in 2010 to address the growing obesity problem in the world, especially in the USA. I’m glad that he thought of having a Food Revolution Day.  There are many things that we take for granted in our rush to cram as many activities in one day.   Good food is one of the casualties of our everyday rush. Our generation today has placed great emphasis on convenience. Now we see fastfood as normal food. This should not be, if we are concerned at all with our good health.

CCA Katipunan, at its USDA Kitchen Theater,  hosted the Food Revolution Day Manila event last Saturday, May 19, gathering food enthusiasts and culinary students, and encouraging everyone to join the food revolution, to stand up for real food.

food rev manila cca

Chef Joan Manalang is the Food Revolution ambassador of the Philippines, chosen by Jaime Oliver to spearhead Food Revolution awareness in the Philippines.

Food Revolution Philippines aims to change the eating landscape of Filipinos through basic food education. Knowing what’s in our food is important for our good health. As pointed out by one of the speakers, pictures of Filipinos from many generations ago reveal a slim, healthy physique of the average Filipino. But western, specifically American influence, introduced junk food into our lives and made Filipinos fat, some obese even. There are now many diet-related diseases, brought on by unhealthy food choices. Food Revolution seeks to bring about an educated, empowered populace that will fight for their right to better food.

The CCA event featured cooking demos by three women, who shared simple recipes that can be easily done at home.

Tinette Miciano of 21 Plates cooked a vegetable and tofu lumpia wrapped in lettuce with panocha sauce.

food revolution manila cca

Tinette Miciano

food revolution day manila cca

Vegetable with Tofu Lumpia

Lifestyle coach and nutritionist Nadine Tengco showed a way to prepare a healthy and easy to prepare “rice extension,” Vegetable Chow Fan.

food revolution manila cca

Vegetable Chow Fan

Ms. Tengco, a nutritionist on the reality show, The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition, also shared some tips on weight management.

food revolution manila cca

Nadine Tengco

Marie Pascual, of Kitchenkitchiekoo.com, showed the procedure in making yoghurt.

food revolution manila cca

Marie Pascual

I’m not crazy about yoghurt but when I do try to be healthy at times, I take the flavored ones with fruit bits in them for flavor. I don’t  like the plain yoghurt. But the yoghurt shared by Ms. Pascual was surprisingly not bland, and would be something I would finish eating given a larger serving. (We were given a small cup serving.)

Then, Cravings Group owner Annie Guerrero shared her passion for and advocacy of organic food and zero waste.

food revolution manila

Annie Guerrero of Cravings Group

It was inspiring to hear Ms. Guerrero share how she has put up an organic farm in the city so that people would have better food options.

Food Revolution Day, now held in more than 60 countries, is hopefully not just a one-day learning event. A continuing food program must be put in place, more people should be consciously making a decision everyday to eat healthier food, and more establishments should consciously make a decision everyday to provide healthier food choices.

Food Revolution Day Manila continues tonight, May 25, at Mercato Centrale.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Join the (Food) Revolution!

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