Giving In To A Pizza Craving

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It’s one of those lazy Saturday mornings when I don’t want to get up from my bed. After having the usual early breakfast, before 8am, downstairs, I headed back to bed. I then proceeded to lie down with my laptop which is propped against a pillow that sits atop my belly, and waste away the hours online.

Past 9am, my nephew M enters the room and asks what’s there to eat and I immediately tell him to order pizza for lunch. I remember reading in the newspaper some time ago about Pizza Hut’s discounted Palm Card promo so I tell M to order from Pizza Hut, and get the card.

The Palm Card gives you an additional, free pizza when you order a regular or family size pizza and Pepsi.

M calls in the order around 10:30am and the delivery guy shows up a little past 11am. The transaction might have qualified for their Hate Late? campaign (“Hot and on time or your pizza’s free!”), but M did not have the time and energy today to challenge the delivery guy. Sayang. [Sigh]

We have an early lunch because M will be leaving shortly for work. I bite into the Supreme Pan Pizza slice, and… wonder why the heck I always order this when I can’t find flavor in it. Or maybe it was just this one pizza slice that had no flavor? I bite into the free pizza, Hawaiian, but find it too, to be bland. Or more bland, if there’s such a thing. (May mas walang lasa pa ba sa walang lasa?!) So while I usually just put a few drops of hot sauce (or none at all at times) in my pizza, this time, I place half the content of one packet in one slice. Ahhhh, sarap… ng hot sauce at Pepsi!

I’m not a fan of those everything on it pizzas. I like to have a combination of meat and vegetables, hence the choice of the Supreme pizza. Preferably with lots of mozarella.

I don’t remember being disappointed before in Pizza Hut. And I’m not giving up on Pizza Hut at this time that I have their Palm card. At Christmas time. But the occasions in which I’ll order from them might be fewer now that I find their pizza to be not worth the free Hawaiian pizzas they offer. They really should focus and improve their pizzas if they want to fend off competition from among the many brands in the market today.

What’s your favorite pizza? Where do you go to when you have a pizza craving?

*Palm card promo photo courtesy of Pizza Hut website Pizza Hut delivery line is 911-11-11.

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