dinosaurs island

Fun Family Day at Dinosaurs Island

It was a fun afternoon spent at Dinosaurs Island, a new family attraction at Clark Field, Angeles City in Pampanga.

Dinosaurs Island is the Philippines’ version of Jurassic Park. Set in a forest of tall, probably centuries-old trees, this new theme park north of Metro Manila will delight dinosaur lovers, both young and old. The park is only less than two hours drive from Metro Manila. Barely a few months old, the park started operations in August last year.
The park has the following attractions: Dino Trail, Fossil Museum, World of Fun and Adventure Ride.
The Dino Trail
Enter the big wooden doors of the park, walk along the forest trail and see the animatronic dinosaurs that look, sound and move like the real ones that we see in the movies or TV. With motion-sensor devices, the dinosaurs move and make a sound as people approach them. A park staff guides groups along the … Continue Reading →

Small Claims Court to Improve Access to Justice

In this country, justice is seen to be something that can be attained only if one has the money and right connections. What then will be the recourse of the poor who do not have either one?
In answer to that concern, the Small Claims Court was established through the Supreme Court’s special rule of procedure.  As a pioneering effort of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative, it aims to provide an efficient means for the masses to settle disputes involving monetary claims instead of the regular civil process.
The Small Claims Court, which has been in effect since October 2008, can hear and decide civil claims amounting to P100,000 and below, not including interests and costs. Claims filed under these courts include actual damages to vehicles, other personal property, real property and person; money owed under a contract of lease, … Continue Reading →