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A Song For A Smile

Chatters Care for Kids (CCFK), a registered Philippine-based not-for-profit organization, is asking for monetary contributions for its latest project.  CCFK is trying to raise funds to produce a song to be used for awareness campaigns for Operation Smile Philippines  (OSP) and its beneficiaries- children and young adults born with cleft lip and cleft palate deformities. CCFK is an official partner-organization of OSP, an organization that provides free reconstructive facial surgeries for indigent patients born with cleft deformities. These surgeries are performed by volunteer medical professionals from the Philippines and abroad.
Operation Smile Philippines recently celebrated its 30th anniversary by organizing simultaneous medical missions around the country that changed the smiles and lives of many beneficiaries.

For the benefit of children with broken smiles (bingot/ngongo), an award-winning rapper/songwriter in the Philippines has committed to write and sing this song about the life of kids with cleft deformities. A greater awareness of their situation will … Continue Reading →

Call For Volunteers and Donations to Bring More Smiles

UPDATE:  It’s now easier to register a child for Operation Smile Philippines. This can be done through text messaging, using any of the three cellphone service providers in the Philippines, namely Globe, Smart and Sun. Just text the following info: Patient’s name, age, birthdate, location, and specify if patient has cleft lip / cleft palate, both or others to any of these numbers:

Globe : 09055580206
Smart: 0929-3559866
Sun: 0943-2337987

Anna* cried when her son was born. Those were not tears of joy, but of sadness. Her baby was born with a cleft palate (“ngongo” in Filipino).
“Bakit ganito ang anak ko?” (“Why is my child like this?”)
Perhaps many, if not all, parents of children born with facial deformities ask this question in anguish. These parents imagine a life of endless teasing, snide remarks and taunts aimed at their kids. How can they raise and protect their children in this cruel world?
Every 3 minutes, somewhere … Continue Reading →