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Share the Joy of Reading

There was always something to read at home. As far back as I can remember, my parents subscribed to Manila Bulletin (named Bulletin Today before) and Reader’s Digest. When I was a kid, various relatives and househelp who lived with our family at different periods would bring home Tagalog komiks, songhits (small magazine with song lyrics), entertainment magazines, sports magazines, Mills and Boon romance novels and some other entertainment fare.
In school, I would often go to the library during breaks or after class to borrow books. Titles in the Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and Sweet Dreams series were early favorites. … Continue Reading →

Stop Stealing Dreams of the Future Generation

Seth Godin published a 30,000 word manifesto on education. Stop Stealing Dreams asks the difficult question, “What is school for?”
Godin argues that the school system that we have today was created in its time to produce compliant workers for the industrial revolution of the 1900s. We have a vastly different world right now and we don’t need workers for the factory system. We need to change the current educational system to respond to the needs of the present day information-driven economy that demands variety, not uniformity. Kids don’t need to memorize and get tested on data that is of practically … Continue Reading →