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How To Have A Less Stressful Holiday Season

It’s the week before Christmas and there are still lots of things to do to prepare for Christmas week celebrations! Shopping for gifts not yet done. Preparing and shopping for noche buena, Christmas day feast and extended family gatherings still on the to do list.
It’s great to think of the time we’ll be spending together with family and friends, but it’s not so great when we think of the Christmas rush traffic, the crowded shopping malls,  and the rush to finish all work-related stuff before the holidays.
Isn’t it ironic that the most wonderful time of the year is also the … Continue Reading →

We Get What We Pay For

We get what we pay for.
The product or service with the cheapest price is not necessarily the best buy.
The most expensive one is not necessarily the best buy either.
Do not buy a product or service based on price alone.
Know the product that you’re buying. What it’s made of, where and how it was made, the company behind the brand and the company that manufactured the product.
Sometimes we’re too focused on just getting the cheapest price that we forget to ask why the product is cheap. Or maybe we just don’t care as long as we think we got the best … Continue Reading →

last quarter dash

Last Quarter Dash

I wake up just as September ends. Jolted by reminders from everywhere that Christmas is less than a hundred days away, and another new year is just around the corner.
When I venture out of the house to do some errands, my ears are assaulted by Christmas songs blaring from sidewalk stalls selling cheap, disposable trinkets. I see groceries prominently displaying Christmas food gift baskets. Not a few shops have Christmas displays in their storefront.
It’s true what they say, that time flies faster as we advance in age. Another year nears its end.
Reality check is in order. As I finish this … Continue Reading →