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Proactiv Tells The Truth About Acne

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Proactiv Solution

Remember that time long ago when you were still in school and you wanted to go out with your  friends but you were too embarrassed to be seen with those pimples on your face, so you chose not to go? You thought then that as you get to be a young professional with a great job, those agony-filled days worrying… Read more »

Put Your Best Face Forward with Proactiv This Holiday Season

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So how many Christmas parties have you gone to so far? Christmas season in the Philippines means going to so many gatherings of family and friends for the month of December, and even beyond. We bravely experience Metro Manila’s horrible traffic just so we could spend quality time catching up with loved ones over good food, good music and lots… Read more »

A Proactiv Summer For Healthy, Acne-Free Skin

Proactiv SOlution

Can you believe this unbearable heat? It’s the middle of May and it looks like the searing summer heat would still be with us for a few more weeks. Where’s the rain that should normally be present at this time of the year? Summer’s a great time to have extended vacations with the family, experiencing together many wonderful adventures. But… Read more »

Proactiv 60-Day Kit Limited Edition Pack Comes with Free Proactiv Advanced Daily Oil Control

proactiv 60-day limited edition pack with free daily oil control

There’s a new Proactiv Promo Pack out in the market. This is the Proactiv 60 Day Kit Limited Edition Pack with FREE Proactiv Advanced Daily Oil Control 50ml, and is available exclusively at Watsons’ outlets and SM Department Store branches nationwide. What is the Proactiv 60-Day Limited Edition Pack? The Proactiv 60-Day Kit Limited Edition pack is a complete Proactiv 60-day… Read more »

Get Mattified with Proactiv Solution Daily Oil Control

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Proactiv Daily Oil Control

I have combination normal/oily skin that’s also sensitive, so I have to be very careful with what I apply on my face. My face gets a bit oily during the day, and that poses a problem especially when I have to apply make-up. I’ve tried using an oil control product before but my face didn’t like it because of the… Read more »

What Are The Secrets To A Lifetime of Clear Skin?

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Having clear facial skin is something that we all like to have. Like it or not, first impressions count, and we are often judged by our appearance. Some people are fortunate to be blessed with healthy, young-looking skin all or most of their lives, while a lot start out to have good skin, but encounter skin problems from adolescence onwards…. Read more »

Can Acne Be Cured?

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Proactiv Solution acne treatment

We often dismiss acne as something that everyone of us will have at some point in our lives. It is such a common condition that a study states that 90% of all people globally will have acne at some point. While about 85% of young people in the 15-24 age range have this inflammatory skin condition, acne still has a… Read more »