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Great Innovations A Part of Epiphone History

The timeless appeal of a rock star can be attributed in large part to their instrument-playing talents. The guitar-playing musicians  hold a special place in music lovers’ hearts and minds.
A lot of kids aspiring to be musicians would want to own an acoustic guitar, easily one of the most favorite instrument among music lovers. Guitars are also very fun to play, and there’s so much you can do with them. The guitar is so versatile and expressive. I love both acoustic and electric guitar, but I find that the sound of an acoustic guitar is something magical, like nothing else in the … Continue Reading →

I Luv Coffee

Brewing for Profit with I Luv Coffee Machines

If you’re one of those coffee addicts who can’t get anything done without a cup of coffee to start the day, take a look into this business opportunity that’s perfect for coffee lovers like you.
Turn your coffee obsession into a money-making business adventure with the help of Essential Brands Group PTY Ltd. (EBG), now offering I Luv Coffee machines in the Philippines. The fully automatic coffee machines produce unique, high quality coffee that satisfies the discerning taste of real coffee lovers.

Here in the Philippines, I Luv Coffee machines are now being rolled out in stores like Mini Stop, 7-11 and … Continue Reading →

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Launch Your Online Career By Becoming A Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur

You’re thinking of quitting your office-based job because you want to have more time with your family. You’re eager to say goodbye to the daily grind of tiresome office politics and the long commute. You’re sick and tired of being constantly sick and tired.
You’ve heard about some people working full time from their own home and you’re now seriously considering the possibility of doing the same. The problem is, you don’t know where to start. What would you do?
If you spend a lot of time online updating your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and if you’re genuinely interested … Continue Reading →