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How To Secure Your Financial Future with Chinkee Tan’s Money Kit

CHINK+ MONEY KIT by Chinkee Tan

A lot of us dream of financial prosperity to be able to help our family or to afford a few luxuries once in a while. Difficult Financial Situations Carissa is in her twenties, single. She works as a customer service representative for a leading call center in the city. Her parents and siblings live in the province. Her family is… Read more »

Great Innovations A Part of Epiphone History

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epiphone guitar - epiphone history

The timeless appeal of a rock star can be attributed in large part to their instrument-playing talents. The guitar-playing musicians  hold a special place in music lovers’ hearts and minds. A lot of kids aspiring to be musicians would want to own an acoustic guitar, easily one of the most favorite instrument among music lovers. Guitars are also very fun to… Read more »

Launch Your Online Career By Becoming A Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur

Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Program logo

You’re thinking of quitting your office-based job because you want to have more time with your family. You’re eager to say goodbye to the daily grind of tiresome office politics and the long commute. You’re sick and tired of being constantly sick and tired. You’ve heard about some people working full time from their own home and you’re now seriously considering… Read more »

How To Have A Less Stressful Holiday Season

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Mas Paborito-christmas

It’s the week before Christmas and there are still lots of things to do to prepare for Christmas week celebrations! Shopping for gifts not yet done. Preparing and shopping for noche buena, Christmas day feast and extended family gatherings still on the to do list. It’s great to think of the time we’ll be spending together with family and friends,… Read more »

Proactiv Solution: The Superior Anti-Acne Treatment

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proactiv solution

Do you often hide your face because of acne problems? Millions suffer from acne but only a few take positive steps to fight it and prevent it from reappearing. A lot of people suffer from misinformation, thinking that acne will just eventually go away. Others may take some form of over the counter medication, not really knowing what works. Proactiv… Read more »

Build Your Own Guitar

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hard rock cafe Philadelphia

  Are you a music lover looking for a DIY project to spend time on? If you’re into guitars, you might want to look to build your own guitar kit. Wouldn’t it be great to have a guitar kit that allows you to customize your guitar in any way you like? It’s a fun and worthwhile project to complete. A little bit… Read more »

All Set for A White Wedding

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bride holding bouquet

Planning for your wedding? Make sure your wedding day is as special and unique as possible. Feel extra beautiful while preparing for your wedding day in a personalized bridal robe. Wear your beautiful bridal robe while getting your hair and make-up done. After the big day, the robe becomes a memorable keepsake. Why not go all out and get bridal… Read more »