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What Does It Take To Eat Healthy?

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unhealthy eating habits We read about the grim numbers on the direct relation between unhealthy eating habits and various illnesses. Each year the average American eats 85.5 pounds of fat and oil and spends 10% of their disposable income on fast food. The usual American diet contains too much saturated fat, sodium, and sugar and too few fruits, vegetables, whole grains,… Read more »

Last Quarter Dash

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last quarter dash

  I wake up just as September ends. Jolted by reminders from everywhere that Christmas is less than a hundred days away, and another new year is just around the corner. When I venture out of the house to do some errands, my ears are assaulted by Christmas songs blaring from sidewalk stalls selling cheap, disposable trinkets. I see groceries… Read more »

Global Visas Philippines: Making Dreams Come True

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Global visas philippines

  Filipinos leave the country for better job opportunities abroad. Salaries here are simply not enough to sustain them and their families. The minimum wage in the Philippines is quite low compared to other countries. Other countries pay better and provide better benefits. Luckily for Filipinos who wish to work abroad, Global Visas Philippines offers insightful tips, step-by-step consultations and… Read more »

Protect Your Gadgets with Lifeproof

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Marc Nelson for Lifeproof

  Our smartphones have become our all-in-one gadget. We use a smartphone not only for voice calls and text messaging, but also for many other applications, including listening to music, taking vacation photos, watching videos, taking food photos, reading novels, and taking “selfies.” Naturally, we take our smartphones everywhere we go, and subject them to many hazards, intentional or not…. Read more »

Pay Using Your Credit Card, Get a Free Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash

proactiv deep cleansing wash

  Whatever the season, our skin suffers from occasional breakouts due to a number of reasons. Acne appears not only on the face, but on our backs and shoulders as well. Having pimples can diminish our self confidence. When I was much younger, I can think of the times when I wouldn’t wear a sleeveless blouse because of a pimple… Read more »

Plastic Surgery Obsession

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south korea plastic surgery from WSJ

Above is a video commentary from the Wall Street Journal on the current state of plastic surgery in South Korea. Frankly, I was shocked that plastic surgery is very popular and well accepted in that country. They even have a reality show on that. From that video, one would have the impression that plastic surgery is a very common medical… Read more »

Give Me Just A Little More Time

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hershey park big clock

  Unfortunately, no one can have more time than others because all of us are equally given 24 hours a day. Unless of course, you’re Hermione Granger. In which case, you have a time turner that lets you travel back in time to undo some things and forever change the course of events in the future. But enough of the Harry… Read more »